1. Racingrob

    Compression Test problem

    I'm trying to perform a compression test on my 2003 Cobra, but I can't get my compression gauge to thread into the spark plug hole. It seems like there is a shoulder preventing the threads on the gauge from reaching the threads in the head. I've bought two different compression testers and...
  2. KyleSVT


    TEST KD3A5567Corrected by Kyle SVT, on Flickr
  3. EditorTurner

    2015+ Coyote F-150 Blower Test

    Powerful Pickup Installing a Whipple supercharger on a 5.0-powered F-150 delivers over 500 rwhp By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of ID Motorsports There has always been a strong interest in hot rodding Ford’s ever-popular F-150 pickup. Even the Blue Oval’s performance divisions can’t resist...
  4. EditorTurner

    Tuned 2016 Focus RS

    Turning up the Heat ID Motorsports tests SCT tuning and a Mountune CAI on Ford’s hot hatch By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of ID Motorsports We are still waiting to steal some seat time in Ford’s 350-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Focus, but lucky owners are already out there enjoying them...
  5. M

    Trying to Choose a Cobra, Need Advice

    I have been waiting on my end over the past year for somethings to finalize before I purchase a Cobra. I am finally ready and I have been planning to buy one off of Hi-End Auto (Hi-End Auto - Hi-End Auto) in VA as their inventory cannot be matched. A few new ones came in the other day and I was...
  6. BilletProShop