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True Forged wheels tax season recession buster sale!!1!

Discussion in '2nd Generation' started by [email protected], Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Steve@TF

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    Feb 24, 2006
    Los Angeles
    its baaaack....
    not sure what to do with your tax return? how about a nice set of forged wheels? :dancenana:

    pretty much the same deal as our last summer special but for this year, im willing to bite the bullet and offer a recession busting deal. $200 off the already discounted member pricing!

    All active and military vets will receive an extra $50 (ie, $250!). Thank You for your service! Both past and present!!

    I may not eat as much these next two months but I could stand to lose a few anyways lol. And since im offering such big discounts, they are CASH PRICES. I can still take a CC or PP but ill need to tack on the fees. When it hits $3k the fee alone is almost $100!

    This sale is open to ALL vehicles, not just the ones this forum pertains too.

    This sale will be until April 15th! Orders must be placed by then to get the discounts. That’s nearly TWO months to get your taxes done and your shiz together! We can get the order started with a minimum $500 non-refundable deposit with the balance due when the wheels are near completion.

    Pricing: there are SO many options that I need to deal with people on a 1:1 basis for quotes; please PM me. I will post what the sets start at in standard polished finish. ALL price quotes include shipping, unlike some companies who surprise you with the whopping shipping costs after they take your order!

    And yes, you may order only a set of rears if you like. ALL prices below are for an entire set, not each wheel lol.

    2 piece:
    15-17s start at $1800
    18s start at $2400
    19s start at $2500
    20s start at $2700
    22s start at $3100
    24s start at $3800

    3 piece
    18s start at $2600
    19s start at $2700
    20s start at $2800
    22s start at $3000
    24s start at $3400
    26s start at $4800

    ALL prices include shipping (up to 20")

    Sizes: ALL sizes are included in this sale. 15 through 26”. 2 piece and 3 piece. 2 piece wheels only come in certain sizes which 3 piece are available in just about any size in .5” increments. 2 piece are the way to go if you want the “smooth” look without the assembly bolts, aka rivets. They are optional on 2 piece wheels but not on 3 piece wheels.
    2 piece wheels are welded together. The assembly bolts are for looks (look like 3 piece). They actually add a few pounds per wheel. There isn’t much price difference between 2 piece and 3 piece. You’d really only want to go with 2 piece if you reallllly don’t like the bolts on the wheels (ie smooth look). Otherwise, 3 piece are the way to go. If you damage a section of the wheel, you can unbolt it and replace that damaged piece. This is usually not the case with 2 piece wheels. Also, chrome is only available with 3 piece wheels (including chrome lips).

    2 piece:
    -15s are ONLY available with a "stepped lip" and come in 4", 6" 7", 8" 10" and 12" widths standard
    -16s are ONLY available with a "stepped lip" and come in 7", 8" and 9.5" widths standard
    -17" stepped lips come in 7", 8", 9.5" and 11" widths standard

    -17s come in both "stepped lip" AND flat "reverse lips"

    the following are the sizes for wheels with flat "reverse lips" (what you normally see on our wheels)
    -17s are available in 8, 9 and 10” widths
    -18s are available in 7” 9” and 10” widths
    -19s are available in 7” 8” and 10” widths
    -20s are available in 8.5” and 10” widths
    -22s are available in 8.5” and 10” widths
    -24s “ “
    -26s “ “
    (wider is possible but its $400 per wheel. ie 10” becomes 12”
    Its $250 a wheel to make them narrower
    ie 10” becomes 9.5”
    *NEW* if you want Bigs n Littles we will certainly do this for you. we can make the fronts very narrow and the rears very wide.

    3 piece:
    15-17s not available in 3 piece
    18-26, any size from 7” to 14” in half inch increments. Standard pricing includes up to 10.5”
    11” and wider is $50 more per wheel.

    Assembly bolts: Aka “rivets”. These are optional on 2 piece wheels because they are purely cosmetic (to get a 3 piece look). On 3 piece wheels, they hold the wheels together, on 2 piece wheels, they do not. They also add a few pounds to each wheel. SO, its optional. For the absolutely lightest possible wheel, you’d want a 2 piece wheel with NO assembly bolts. You’d be looking at around 20lbs per wheel, or less. The lightest of our designs is the Mach 5 wheel. They come chrome standard but can be powdercoated or brushed as an available option. having the bolts custom finished starts at $75 per wheel.

    See what the wheels look like with and without the assembly bolts here:
    True Forged Wheels custom billet

    Finishes: Polished finish is standard on both the centers and lips. Our highly polished aluminum looks JUST like chrome when clean. It is a little more maintenance than chrome but its also repairable whereas chrome is not. We can now have the polished parts clear ceramic coated for $100 per wheel. It reduces the bling slightly but it keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum.

    We also offer just about any powdercoat color you can think of in gloss, satin or flat finish. The “flat” black wheels that you often see in our threads are actually satin black (matte black). Flat finish is a very plain, raw look. There’s a big difference.

    We can also have the centers/lips custom oem paint-matched. These are then PAINTED and are not as durable as powdercoating. You must be careful with the wheels.

    There is also brushed finish for both centers and lips too.
    We do NOT offer anodizing on wheels. Anodizing fades badly in the sun, quickly. But we can have them done in transluscent colors which looks a lot like anodizing. Its basically tinted clear coating.

    We are now offering carbon fiber wrapped centers and lips. Its $150 per part (ie lip or center). It’s the real deal, meticulously wrapped around the aluminum, then resin coated all nice and smooth.

    All wheels come with polished lips standard. See options for, options.

    -powdercoating: centers are $50 per wheel.
    Lips are $50 per wheel

    -brushed aluminum: centers are $75 per wheel
    Lips are $75 per wheel

    -custom oem paint matched: centers are $150 per wheel
    Lips are $150 per wheel

    -carbon fiber wrapped: centers are $150 per wheel (only available on 3 piece)
    Lips are $150 per wheel

    -black chrome: centers are $150 per wheel (only available on 3 piece)
    Lips are $150 per wheel

    -translucent colors: centers are $150 per wheel
    Lips are $150 per wheel

    In other words, if you want black centers with polished lips, it would be:
    $1900 shipped, plus
    $50 per wheel for black centers
    = $2100 shipped (17”s)

    if you want black centers AND black lips, it would be:
    $1900 shipped plus
    $50 per wheel for black centers, plus
    $50 per wheel for black lips
    = $2300 shipped (17”s)

    obviously it would be the same thing for oem paint matched stuff.

    You can keep the centers polished and do powdercoated/brushed/painted lips.

    Caps: Standard issue TF etched caps are included with ALL orders.
    Powdercoated caps are$50 extra (all 4, not each).
    Brushed or chromed caps are $100 more (all 4, not each)

    Custom etching is $100 for the set (not each cap) for any logo we already have on file. If you want something custom for your club or business or a pic of your dog, it’s $100 extra.

    Custom airbrushing is available for caps as well and starts at $100 per set.

    Offset: just like our 3 piece wheels we can manipulate the rear wheels for 2 piece to how you want them. You can either have the standard offset (tucked in) or the aggressive offset that sits flush with the fenders. No spacers required! With either offset, to gain an extra .5”, we can cut down the rear pads but you need to then grind down on your axle bolt (not irs bolt) or use a spacer. Or we can simply not cut down the rear pad and you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll discuss at ordering time. This applies to New Edge mustangs. Most cars don’t have this option. We specialize in custom offsets and BIG BRAKE cuts. We just need to know if you have them or plan to upgrade later. I always discuss this with customers anyways but just a heads up.

    Lead time: Lately we’ve been looking at 4-6 weeks but this is now THE busy time of the year and orders start to get backed up to 6-8 weeks for build time but some times they are done quicker. Custom paint, carbon fiber, black chrome and regular chrome can add up to 2 weeks or more.

    Payments: We can accept personal checks, money orders, wire transfers, CASH, Paypal and credit cards.

    Shipping: shipping is included in the above pricing for the continental US. AK, HI and Canadia cost a little extra. Insurance is included and tracking #s are issued by me personally. Orders are shipped via FedEx ground unless other arrangements are made. Wheels 22” and up, or 12" and wider, add $50 due to the size of the boxes. For Canadia people who live near the border, I can ship them to a shipping receiver on the US side for you and you’ll save HUGE on brokerage fees and more..

    Designs: We do not charge different pricing for ANY of our designs, they are all the same price.

    Tires: Tire packages are available for those who need/want it. PLEASE do not ask me to check tire prices unless you are serious about ordering a set/ and some tires. my tire guy is VERY busy and he hates it when i call asking for 1000 different sizes/brands/prices. he tells me to find out exactly what you want, and then he'll get me the price. so if you must, try to narrow it down to 2 brands at most. i can get Nittos from another tire dealer but not at such good prices. slightly better than retail.

    Please feel free to post any legitimate questions you may have. Please do not take this thread off track and keep it pertinent to this GB. Please do not post any quoted prices. everyone will receive the same price quote, unless i offer you a special deal because you drive a special car.

    We have now added a Magnum style wheel design to our line-up called “Retro”. Its not on our website officially yet but here are some sample pics

    These Retros are available in 2 piece without bolts and 3 piece with them.

    NEW for this year. Bigs N littles packages.
    Here’s a set we just did for a local with 17x7” fronts and 18x11” rears.

    We can certainly do a larger wheel up front than in the rear, for example, a 17x5 up front with a 16x9.5 rear.

    Here’s some 2 piece wheels with NO assembly bolts:

    All polished chicane in 18”

    All satin black Chicane in 18”

    All polished Sleeper FE in 18”

    All polished Forumula in 19”

    All polished Victory in 18”

    All polished Mach Six in 20”

    Satin Titanium centers with polished lips in 18”

    Satin black Victory with polished stepped lip in 17”

    Anthracite with polished lips in 18”

    Gloss black with polished lips in 18” (showing old style center caps)

    17” 2 piece Sleepers with assembly bolts so they LOOK like 3 piece wheels

    Some oem paint matched wheels

    ALL satin black! Black centers, black lips, black center caps and custom powdercoated black assembly bolts

    Brushed aluminum
    with polished lips
    With chrome lips on Sleeper FE
    Brushed chicanes with chrome lips
    Brushed with satin black lips

    Brushed lips

    Custom offsets

    Transluscent colors (looks like anodized)

    ALL polished

    ALL chrome

    Custom 2 tone finishes

    Satin black with chrome lips on 22” Centri
    Satin black with polished lips

    Satin black centers, lips and center caps with chrome assembly bolts

    Flat anthracite (textured finish) also available in flat black textured

    Black chrome with chrome lips and assembly bolts on 19” Sleeper FE

    Stepped Lip wheels. (17” Mach Five in brushed finish with polished lips and chrome assembly bolts)

    Glossy Anthracite
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  2. Fade 2 Black

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    Stuck!! Thanks for the AWESOME deals Steve!!! :rockon:
  3. Steve@TF

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    Feb 24, 2006
    Los Angeles
    awe hey thanks bob! :beer:
  4. Steve@TF

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    Feb 24, 2006
    Los Angeles
    this is the newly revised edition of the RS. the Chicane and Chicane RS names confuse people to much so the name is changing slightly.

    the RS Ten
  5. jojomofo21

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Augusta, Ga
    Oh God I want a set of those in 18!
  6. Marc

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    Nov 19, 2005
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    Those RS Tens are sick!

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