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  • Steve. How's it going. So I put my car into a curb and the repair shop has been trying to get ahold of you to figure out a replacement. I bought the rears (the one that is damaged) from yellows281 and you made me the fronts to match. The wheel in question is 18x11 speed 6 with satin black powder coat center with polished lip in three piece. I don't know if they got ahold of you yet but they would be calling from Rick Hendricks collision center in Norfolk va. Thanks for any help.

    Hey do you still sell the coolant reservoir tanks for the lightning ? I'm interested in purchasing one ASAP if you are. I have the killer chiller kit installed on my truck,an the screw on lid for the coolant tank has gone to shit,an under heavy boost I'm getting coolant spraying over the engine bay so rather than find a lid(which has proved to be difficult) I figured I'd just get a whole new tank an nip the problem in the butt. Let me know please and thanks.
    Will a 18x10 with an 04sleeper offset fit a sra from a 99 mustang? If so how is the fitment and how far in or out will they stick out?
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    Hi steve, I am interested in a set of chicanes for my 04 cobra orange cobra, I am looking for fender flush off set. I will be running toyo R888'S 305/35/18 in rear and 275/35/18 in front. What width rims would you recommend? I am thinking satin black centers with polish lip/assembly bolts.If you could shoot me any advice on lip size ect and a price options that would be great.

    Your Pm box is full-BTW

    Steve - PP funds sent!!!! It's OK to send them to my work .... The address was listed when I sent the funds :beer:

    Can you provide me with a tracking #

    PS - Your PM Box is full :poke:

    Thanks (as always), Tim :)
    Hey Steve I'm interested in the 702s that you have for sale. Are they still available?
    Hey Steve,

    Im interested in a set of the RS TEN's in all satin black with exposed assembly bolts for my 2014 GT500.
    Could you send me a PM so we can figure out the details and price for a set.

    Steve -

    I'm looking at wheels for my 2013 GT500 that are similar to the 2013 Super Snake (non-widebody) wheels .... the 10 spoke, lipped, "natural aluminum" wheels.

    I found your Super Sport wheels through the MBs here and they look pretty close - minus the slight lateral bend in the Super Snake wheels.

    Could I still get a set of these wheels ? Do you offer them in a "natural aluminum" or brushed aluminum finish ? How much would a set be - to the Shelby Super Snake wheel specs running the same tires shelby is running on that car (255/20s front and 295/20s on the rear).

    Thanks in advance.

    Steve Mike Cleghorn here, I bought some Trueforged super sports about 6 months ago. I got the snake center caps. Could I possible get the Trueforged caps? Let me know the cost.


    Hey Steve can you pm me details about the wheel sealer you sell for the wheels? Thanks
    Hi Steve. Your PM's are full again. I'll send you the info requested when they clear.


    Steve, i just purchased the satin black machs from gtboost, i was thinking for the center caps satin black with the cobra etching. Do you have any photos of how that looks. Also what would be the price. What lugs do you recommend for these wheels.


    Hi Steve. Your PM's are full so I sent you an email with the info you requested. If your PM's clear up I'll resend it through a pm.


    Just wanted to say HELLO
    Two friends of mine should be getting there sets of wheels by y'all soon, Tracy at Maximum Velocity for her BOSS and a friend named Robbie with a 2008 GT500
    I have not seen y'all's wheels in person and can't wait, I plan on ordering a set REAL soon for my 2010 gt500.
    Hey Steve I was looking into a staggered set of wheels, I want something matte black with polished tips
    The wheels I have my eyes in are chicanes
    Maybe 18s
    Pm me the price just for wheels no tires thanks
    Hi Steve,
    I forgot to tell you I am a member of this forum also. Hope everything is well with you. What is the plan on the intercooler tank?
    Harold Haynes:banana:
    Yeah he is! It's full again now..LOL! Steve....tell them to bump you up a bit with some storage!
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