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  • Salvatore - Sorry about the lack of response, but the kit is sold and the car has now been returned to a stock pulley configuration. I've got the Saleen pulleys in the garage and I'll stick with the stock intake until the built motor currently getting oil past the rings is gone through, put back in w/ a new power adder, etc. etc. etc.
    I found a kit on ebay last week. If you still need the saleen underdrive pullies and bbk intake please let me know on mustangforums im usually on there. same name as here.
    i want to buy your kit, i will pay right away. Are you returning your car to stock? I have the saleen underdrive pullies and intake if you need those. thanks

    I saw where you had a blower you might be interested in selling, hit me up if its still available. thanks
    We ended up going to Bryan to visit some friends that were in from out of state and didn't end up making it to Dragapalooza V. The folks that we gave tickets to said it was a blast from street cars to jet cars. I'm game for attending a local Saleen Club meet if you get one organized. Thanks for the pictures from the Austin event.
    how was dragapalooza?
    the Austin deal was alot of fun.
    here's some pics of the event: SCOA at MOCA 2009 pictures by joesgt281 - Photobucket
    they made me the local Houston area Saleen Club of America rep (no other volunteers i guess, lol), so let me know if you have an interest in getting together with other Saleen-addicts.
    I see you're in Houston. Are you going to the Saleen Club regional meet in Austin on March 7?
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