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    3K RWHP Z06 Wreck @ 190mph - Sulphur Springs, TX

    Speaking of the Wanna Go Fast Event at Sulphur Springs..... Catches some air!
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    Boeing 777 crashes in san francisco

    An Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul, South Korea crashes while landing at San Francisco International Airport First video 0dFtmSybpuw
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    Hertz Penske GT Ford Mustang

    Also, should be the pace car in tonight's race in Daytona. Only will be available in 15 selected cities though Performance Upgrades, including: Quad-Tip Exhaust System, Air Intake and ECU Tuning Upgrade, 3.55 Gears, and Brembo® Brakes Interior Upgrades, including: Black Recaro Racing...
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    Neil Armstrong Died at 82

    Just in Neil Armstrong Died at 82 today Armstrong died following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures, a statement Saturday from his family said. It didn't say where he died. HCt1BwWE2gA
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    Swiss Alps Landslide

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    Cobra gone so I bought a new toy

    Well since the Cobra is gone. I had the green light, and I was only 1.5 miles going home :fm: It was the other guys fault. I bought this.... 2001 DHG Bullitt #00453 with only 25K miles, still looks and smells like new. Yes its still stock but not for long My pics Previous owner pics
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    24 Fans In Here

    Since it was not on at all last year, lets see what this one will bring. Jack Bauer to the rescue again :banana: Anyone in here big fans?
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    Ford Release New Pics 2010 Mustang

    Here are a few from Fords website and more coming on 11/5, 11/12, and right before the LA Auto Show 11/19....I cant wait:rockon: I am sure some below are old but a few were released today The Dash, they...
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    01 Silver Cobra - Texas 88K Miles

    2001 Silver Cobra 88K miles. Location San Antonio, TX. Title in hand. $13,200 OBO, I am not in a hurry to sell, but I will take offers. NO!! TRADES PLEASE email [email protected] All Highway driven to Dallas and back 2-3 times a year, and to Stephenville,TX (Dublin,TX) twice a year. Always...
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    Oil Does not close under $100 on 9/9/08

    Per CNN $103.26 Per other threads source: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. crude oil futures fell more than $1 after Tuesday's settlement to $102.06 a barrel, the lowest crude oil price since early April. A month ago, U.S. crude...
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    True Blood -- HBO

    Anyone watchin it, or saw it tonight? Post up if you think this will be a good series? It looked good, will see how it played out
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    1988 Soviets ramming USS Yorktown

    I wander if Russia has the balls to do something like this again to us? Saw this on CNN top story right now about Cold War Memories. In 1988 the USS Yorktown was in the Black Sea and the Soviets back then, tried to show us they did not want us there. They rammed us with there ship...
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    Google Not Supporting Memorial Day?

    Saw this on another forum, and thought I would share it here since we have a lot of people in the Military on here. Seems Google does not support our Troops in honoring them on Memorial Day on their Home Page They always support other holiday's either here or in other Countries but not...
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    Leaning Back Seat Mod?

    I think some time ago someone posted pics on how to make your seat lean all the way back. I believe there is some type of stop support that someone showed you could grind off. Does anyone know how to do this or if it is possible? I tried a simple search in the search button no such luck...