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  • I have a set of OEM 07-09 Gt500 wheels great shape I also have two rear wheels widened from weldcraft all have tires !!!

    Still got these for sale?
    Good man, Not to the track yet this year when I ran it last year before everything was installed it went a 13.20 with intake and exhaust....now I hope its in the 12's we shall see. Yeah my other buddy with the 06 automatic raced your 97 he said that it was suprisingly fast thats awesome to cobras ttys buddy!!!and if your curious my buddy has Jlt Intake Evolution 93 Tune, Off road H-pipe and Borla stingers.
    Yep, that was me.

    Hows it going? Have you got the 06 out to the track this year?

    Just got done putting in a clutch in the 03, when I pulled in the garage after messing around with you I could really smell it. Had it a little warm!!!
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