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  • Hello sir, got room for one more? Which track? How much? Do I need any safety addons? Is it just off the line or is their a track? Sorry so many questions, it will be first time at track? Long overdue on things to do list!! Thank u in advance, Mike
    Hello Jay, i am looking at a 4r75w tranny that you sold to a guy in florida, i am trying to get the particulars on it is the reason for the message. any and all help will be appreciated, i am looking for the type of internals and what the tranny was built for. thanks
    [email protected]
    Jay, im looking at 2.3 VMP TVS superchargers and Lethal power packages. been checking tons of prices, what do you have for prices on the VMP 2.3 and Lethal power packages?
    Hey Jay, very cool! So with that being said, right now I am having a new SS Hood put on my car, next thing I will want to do is a Supercharger upgrade. What is your opinion on blowers? Ive looked at a bunch on the Lethal site . Been looking at the package deals. Thanks for any time or info you can provide.---Pete
    Hey, Im in CT also. New to the car world and picked up a 2011 GT500 SVTPP. Going to Lebanon with private party on May 3rd. Looking for other local folks to hang\learn with. Where you at? see my profile for contact info.
    is the teksid 5.0 stroker still for sale, just looking into building one, but one thats already built is a bonus, who's rotating assembly was used
    Blwn04SVTcobra, I have a friend very interested in your engine for sale, but svtp wont let me PM if im a new member. Can you shoot me a text 907-378-0173 OR post in your ad your phone number please.
    Can you send me your email, i would like to talk to you about the car. I would like to purchase the complete car. money in hand
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