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  • wont let me pm you about the 31 spline inner cups,if you can please pm me when you get a chance. Thank you!
    I got a sra wit 3.90s and will also give you 3.55 also got a magnapack to go with it also for your exhaust
    everything is pretty much plug and play. i recommend using the cobra ecu, ecu harness, and engine harness since it makes it that much easier. your going to have to fab some things like h/e brackets onto your bumper and p/s lines and stuff will be different. all i have is pics of the motor, no pics of the specific things that i needed to modify. you have any questions at all feel free to PM me. im not sure about the 02 but i needed to also change the underhood fuse box and harness (its one piece) because being an early 01 it wouldnt work with the 03 ecu harness. are you planning on using stock cobra fuel pumps?
    im doing the cobra swap into 02 GT now was wondering if you had any pics of the motor or the install as well as any info to help thanks alot

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