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    NGK TR7IX or Brisk GR12YS plugs?

    The GR12YS plug looks similar to the TR7IX plug, while the GR12S looks similar to the BR7EF plug.
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    NGK TR7IX or Brisk GR12YS plugs?

    I run Brisk GR12S plugs on E85. They work great
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    Remember - Support Those Who Support Your Values | FB Isn't Your Friend

    Got my premium membership, always happy to help SVTP, Facebook sucks ass
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    Off road pipe for bassani catback?

    Just do Borla stingers and never look back.
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    EV Propaganda

    What are they going to do about all the charging stations?
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    Why did you sell your Shelby?

    I sold my first 08 GT500 to buy my 13 GT500 in October of 2013, than in late 2016 I decided I wanted to quit my job and try doing something else for a living that was going to pay less. I also had a 04 cobra at the time so I decided to keep the cobra since it was paid off and sell my beloved...
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    Fuel prices near you

    In AZ we're averaging 3.80 a gallon for 87.
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    WANTED: CO Coupe $46000 budget

    I actually saw it on SVT performance Facebook page
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    WANTED: CO Coupe $46000 budget

    I'm not sure if you have Facebook, but this comp orange just got posted a few hours ago,
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    Which year Shelby to buy?

    As @tomshep said, don't get hung up on owning a 13/14, my first GT500 was 08 and I had a blast with it, if you get a 08/09 GT500 and swap a 2.3 or 2.65 TVS on it you'll still make 650 to 700whp with supporting mods and the car will be fun as hell.
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    It's a great forum no doubt about it, I've been on here for 10 years now and I've learned a lot from other members, especially in the GT500 community. And I'm happy it's mostly conservative guys on here.
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    Took a risk ‘22 on order

    Big congrats J, I'm definitely jealous. Great choice on the color, I definitely love that green. I wish I could actually own both
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    Which year Shelby to buy?

    Just incase no one said it yet, 13/14.
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    My new Mystichrome!

    That's awesome, hands down my favorite color for the terminators.
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    Mecum Auction / The Gary Thomas Collection

    Now that's a collection, I wonder why he's selling all of them, maybe he's hurting for money.