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  • No unfortunately it won't be installed for a while. Gotta get it running first which is my hang-up right now. How's the turbo going?
    Hey let me know if a delivery signature will be a problem or not. Im waiting for the payment to clear my bank, usually it does the next day(today). Worst case tomorrow but usually it clears in a day.
    If you do PayPal, please add 3% or send as gift. Waiting on your reply and then I'll get everything boxed up today.
    Tracking info for FedEx. It will not show up until tomorrow.

    I understand. I have had a couple interested parties. Do you have a rough time estimate for when you will know if you want to purchase or not?
    If you look at the pic of the dragon on my for sale thread, you can see the IAC mount on the bottom
    Sounds good. The dragon really needs to go with the upper intake since its ported to match it. I'll make you a deal if you want it all. I have them listed for 800 seperately for the dragon, upper, and lower intake. I'll ship all 3 to you for 700.
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