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  • I'll take the 99 Cobra brochure if its still for sale. $15 shipped. Send me your PayPal info
    Hi; I'm new to the forum. Is your Bimini blue fox still for sale? If so I am interested in buying it. My number is 805-720-7343. I live in California and want a bimini 92 or 93. Thanks
    Hi I recently bought a white 94 cobra looks like you owned it at one time. I was wondering if you could give me some info on it. It's white 94 black cloth with a vortech on it. Thanks
    hey you seem to know a lot about 93 cobras . . . what do you think a red with grey leather, all options except rear defroster, 4,600 miles, interior and exterior in mint condition, 100% stock, never seen rain or a wet road, 2 owners, is worth?
    I would like to buy the silver side skirts from you if you still have them for sale. Paypal ready. Let me know. Thanks. Steve
    very interested in front bumper shipped to 60440.....send me paypal address and lowest asking price shipped...
    Hmmm...I am new to this forum and can't seem to find the PM function. Anyways, you car is exactly what I am looking for. The miles are a little higher, but the price is right. It looks really nice in the pictures. The only thing that really scares me is the distance thing. I am really picky and I like to inspect my potential car from top to bottom. I have requested a couple shipping quotes to see what that is coming it at. What else can you tell me about the car? Does it have the original paint? Any accidents or anything repainted? Any issues? Please be as honest as possible. Like I said I am hesitant because of the distance, but it is not a deal breaker. My dad sold his 69' Mach 1 to a guy from Finland, so I know long distance deals can work...communcation and honesty are the key. Let me know your thoughts.


    Hey very interested in the car...Sellin my 93 rolling chassis (race car) and wanting to et a cobra. Will keep u up to date when the funds come. thanks
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