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  • Hey there,just scanning through the classifieds and saw a pic of your car.I have a white 99 vert as well and just curious as to what springs/suspension and tire/wheel size combo your running..love the way your car sits!
    Na I couldnt meet in memphis lol thats 8 hours. I would like to do paypal have you ever sent money like that?
    hmmm. i was thinking maybe we could meet in Memphis...i am moving to tulsa next week. so ya..just FYI. but sence youll ship it we can do that to...how would we transfer money
    well i have a 2000 v6. with a cdc shaker kit...i just want to know for sure that it will fit with no probs
    hey, i notice you were selling a mach 1 hood..how much? and is it just the hood? with out shaker? because i have the shaker kit
    I asked if you needed extra for shipping find out how much to ship it and i'll send you the money i need the part.
    hey man i was wondering if you would be willing to sell the car out rite please let me know if you are and a price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh ok cool man, yeah i run 13.4 at bristol in my mach it just has CAI, x pipe, flowmasters, diablo tuner, custom tune and a 3/8 intake spacer. I'd like to see ya run it, let me know if u go next week..Later
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