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Oct 23, 2018
Jul 5, 2012
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November 11
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Oct 23, 2018
    1. Ghassan
      hey Aaron, I've been trying to get a tune for my car and i was wondering if you guys could tune it for me, but the only issue here is that i cant bring the car to you guys and i really want you guys to tune it .. i have your single turbo kit installed
      thank you very much.
    2. crazyrifle
      Hi Aaron im going to get a single turbo kit i got a bulit short block 10.1 comp and a t56 magnum i got it from jpc stock heads and cams with mmr valve springs and a boss intake Aaron im looking for a turbo kit that the pawer dont drop after 6500 rpm i saw the turbo kit that you have it 76/75 .96 ar please im confused which kit i get on the market that go to 6800 rpm coz im running now the hilleon single turbo and it garbage its drop after 6000 rpm and thats its ti short And which headers is perfect with your kit jba 1/34 or 1/78 kooks my hp go its 850 whats your recommendation ? Thank you Aaron
    3. crazyrifle
      Hi mr Aaron can i ask you about the jpc turbo kit can fit on my coyote 2011 with the t56 magnum xl ? And do you have the kit in stock? If not what the time it well take to ship it ? Thank you
    4. crazyrifle
      Hi Aaron i have question about jpc turbo kit on the 2011 coyote dose the bmr k- mamber fit with your kit ? Thank you
    5. Gotb00st
      Hey Aaron I'm very interested in your turbo kit and wanted to see if you could do any kind of special pricing on kit, id1000 injectors, and boost A pump? I have a stock 2014 mustang Gt MT and looking at just being around the 650rwhp range. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    6. T CUPP93
      T CUPP93
      hi i saw on a thread where you could get do special pricing on a paxton s/c kit for a 2011 mustang gt 6spd
    7. WildOne12
      You guys did a Great Job! on my Car both times it has been to your shop. looking forward to getting it back down for the next round of Mods.
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