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    wish is better 2014 gt500 or 2020 gt500

    I had a 14. Stock for stock, I'll keep my 2020. Car felt like the motor was dragging the chassis around sometimes. That said, I really did enjoy it for the 6 years I had it. The glass roof was the best part. I have my Boss I daily in the summer for my manual fix but the DCT is its own kind of fun.
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    2020 GT500 OWNER'S KIT

    Took about a month to get mine.
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    '21 CFTP Lead

    I originally wanted a base. Dealer called with a CFTP at MSRP. Wife and I picked it up and ran in sport mode the whole day back. All smiles from her, no complaints. Just my 2 cents.
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    WTB GT/CS Spoiler

    Will he ship to 20603? Any damage? Post some pictures when you get a chance.
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    WTB GT/CS Spoiler

    Thanks for the heads up. Any non-scam types with this spoiler for sale?
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    WTB GT/CS Spoiler

    Color is irrelevant but it must be undamaged. Happy to come pick it up in the DMV area but will also pay for shipping.
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    Dynavin N7 ?

    For anyone else that is looking at the Dynavin N7 unit, I went ahead and installed this on my 2013 Boss 302. Initially I had issues with Android Auto causing problems with steering wheel controls. I reached out to their customer support and got a beta patch emailed to me within a day or so. I...
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    Traded In My 2014 For A 2020

    Sold my 14 as well for the 2020. I've always enjoyed the S197 platform, still daily my Boss. I'll never forget my 14 (it was my first Shelby) but I didn't like the gearing nor the struggle for traction anywhere outside of the road course on warm days. I've put 900 miles on the 20 so far, and...
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    Few pics of my School Bus yellow 23

    I'm right there with you. I bought my SBY this year and the car is truly a blast. All I've done is add a touchscreen to it. Sounds great, runs strong. Best S197 for me and I also owned a 14 Shelby.
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    Former GT350 Owner.... now moving to a Boss 302

    I just sold my 18 GT for a 13 Boss not too long ago. Paid $31k for it with 13k miles. Has Recaros and the red key. Only mods were Ford Racing axle backs, short throw shifter, and rear seat delete. Perfect mods for me. Car sounds great, provides great feedback on the road and it's raw and fun...
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    WTB 19x9.5 Charcoal RTR Wheels

    Found them. Thanks!
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    WTB 2014 GT500, prefer Red w/black strips

    Almost 19k miles. No accidents. 1 owner.
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    WTB Stock 13/14 GT500 Mufflers

    Got them. Thanks everyone.
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    WTB 19x9.5 Charcoal RTR Wheels

    Let me know whatcha got. PM me or text 301-631-Four331. I'm in the DMV and can do local pickup.