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  • 1996 Cobra/108k miles
    With the variety of Mod motors are there any mix/match parts that are direct bolt-on to my 4.6 engine that would , keep stock intake, be reliable and emission legal. Is it worth stroking this motor?
    What combo would you suggest regarding: heads, cam and intake for a N/A daily driver, possible supercharger down the line? Considering a roots style if this route were to be taken.
    Hello can you send me a pm on everything I would need from you to reduce the most wheel hope possible a full tilt boogie kit thanks
    do you answer these questions somewhere else? im new to this board so im not sure how to send you a PM
    I also forgot to mention, this car is an 80-90 mile a day daily driver. that's one main reason im limiting most of the "go fast goodies" to bolt-ons. JLT CAI, long-tubes, X-pipe (allready has an slp loudmouth catback) pulleys, 3/8" intake spacer, and a custom tune. this should provide plenty of power without adversly effecting the daily driveability im seeking. again thanks for any help
    I've been lurking this site for a while in anticipation of my mustang purchase. I have had several 79-93s but never a mod-motored powered stang. in all my previous mustangs my main focus has not been just a drag car but more of a all around performer. afterall what good is 500hp if you can't get it to the ground or stop it. last saturday I purchased a white 01 cobra. the idea of a car allready set-up with large brakes, IRS, 320hp and excellent gas mileage intrigued me. I have compiled a somehwhat short list of mods I think will achieve what im looking for, including your rear bushing kit. however, I have not been able to find anything addressing the sloppiness of the front suspension. do you also offer a delrin version of the a-arm bushings? I don't plan on running an aftermarket k-member or coilovers as my last few mustangs had those and I hated the ride. I planned on (as far as suspension goes) in one weekend from completely stock to swap in 4:10s, eibach springs, strange 10way adj. springs. your bushing kit, for now the urithane front bushings in the a-arms, new tie rod end links, stainless brake lines, hawk pads and perhaps slotted rotors. im sure this will dramatically increase the handling characteristics of an allready fine car. al of this will be done after a set of good subframe connectors of course. is there anything else you can see from my above mentioned mods im forgetting or perhaps overlooking? any help would be greatly apprectiate
    thank you
    Hello. I might be breaking a rule by making another login but I dont know any other way to contact you. This is Wintermute. I'm not surprised you banned me but don't you think a month is a little harsh ? Wouldn't a week or 2 weeks have sufficed ? Anyway, I'm appealing to you to lessen my sentence a little. I think I did have a valid point. I will only log back in once tomorrow to see if you have responded. Sorry for making the login.
    I am intrested in getting one of your hub assy, do you have any avalible? How much? How do i check other than my car clunking and rear stearing?

    Thank you,
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