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  • no video of the car sorry. If its not a daily driver its really not a big deal. My car is a weekend only car so I suppose it is ok. If I drove it every day I would get annoyed by the BOV activity.
    sorry, just now saw your message. nope, never worked for forgestar. the closest i've been to working in the auto industry is when i was employed by michael shank racing for a couple months, through the 2011 24hrs of daytona.
    I put the wheels on with the factory suspension and so far I have not had any rubbing issues.

    The gauge fits, not sure about the air vent pod. I think the air vent design changed from 2009 to 2014.
    I'll let you know how they wheels and tires fit. The tires already came in, waiting on the wheels and sensors, should be able to try them out by Friday the 24th based on tracking info.
    I will as soon as I can. Working nights and have to get to the boxes. Snow in the way right now. Should be able to by next week if that is ok?
    I will prob sell locally as shipping is going to not be something I want to eat....Where are you located? Are you wanting just the mufflers?
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