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    It’s my money and I want it now!

    Good way to get an abortion when the state bans it. Big brain play.
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    For whatever it's worth on the Grand Wagoneer it seems they have had more issues than the regular Wagoneer in terms of bugs/electrical gremlins. Especially since they come with more tech/features. We have a Wagoneer with 9k miles so far with minor Uconnect issues but it's not bad enough to drop...
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    Fed reports household debt increases faster than any time in the past 20 yrs

    Gotcha, and I agree or have set limits then cut back on stamps. Kids don't get to choose their parents so I do have some sympathy for most kids in tough situations at home.
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    Fed reports household debt increases faster than any time in the past 20 yrs

    Sure, some definitely take advantage of the system, but I don't think all kids who have parents struggling to pay for something like the food at school should suffer from that. I have no issues with "muh tax dollars" feeding kids. If there is some shitbag parent taking advantage of that free...
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    New Alien movie reboot & Hulu Series

    I still believe Prometheus could of been good but they kept re-writing the story to the point it was just dumb/cliche. Engineers backstory + more Shaw would of been cool. Instead they kill her off right away in the sequel and the other planet the Engineers were building.
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    Wow, didn't know they got desperate enough for chips to delete XM from the options. Guess it couldn't be retrofitted later?
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    Fed reports household debt increases faster than any time in the past 20 yrs

    In all seriousness, I do feel bad for some that are responsible but are feeling the squeeze from inflation. My car insurance went up 80 a month. Grocery prices are whack. Gas at least settled but is still too damn high. In florida plenty are getting blindsided by home insurance prices...
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    High interest online savings account recommendations

    The first part of my post was a joke. Lol
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    High interest online savings account recommendations

    What are emergency funds? I'm banking on another Stimulus to dig me out of my spending habits. I'm with Discover (3%) for my rainy day funds. May not be the best rate, but I have a card with Discover so it was just easy having a combo package of savings + CC.
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    Spider-NonBinary - The new Super Hero

    It's disturbing really why it's not SpiderQueer or Spidertrans in this day and age. Marvel is full of racist nazis.
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    H2 Unleashed

    There's not going to be any organs viable if he wrecks at those speeds. Unless they want to scrape remnants of a kidney off the asphalt Dude was riding like he was in a video game.
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    2022-23 winter car/shop projects?

    Doing full suspension work on the Silverado. Icon front and rear. Probably should just look into long travel now.
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    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    Starting to see a few in Palm Beach. The headlight design is terrible.
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    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    They did a great job with Black Widow in the early phases. Even her movie was alright, with some bad CGI and accents. But starting with Capt Marvel they shit the bed when it came to the "woman power" shit. Bad casting/direction.