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  • i am a member of mach1registery.com, but i can not post or email on that forum...even tried making a new profile with the same result. so I'm on this one instead.... if u see the yellow car out, stop and introduce urself. only ran 13.6 @104 with diablosport, upr x pipe, and rear control arms... but it was cold out and didnt get any traction.

    Ah cool.. I remember waving at you.

    What did you end up running at Cordova? The first time I took mine out I ran like crap. All I had at the time were 4.10 gears and an X-pipe. Everything else was stock down the air filter including the tune. I went like 1 [email protected] 104 MPH.

    I ended up going more bolt-ons including longtube headers and I went 13.0 @ 110 MPH followed up by 12.9 @ 109 MPH n/a.

    Now I'm Vortech supercharged, but I haven't been back to the track and don't plan on it very soon. Hah!
    hey, I have the yellow mach in colona on third street, love the wheels on your car... put a few toys on mine, but not getting the times at cordova i wanted to see.

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