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  • is the 04 cobra still available? if so can i get some interior and under side car pics of it? has the car been in any accidents? are you the original owner? any internal engine work done? any rust anywhere on car?

    [email protected]

    Magnaflow x pipes with hi flow cats
    MM full length sub frame
    MM caster camber
    Accufab TB
    LP IC res
    Fluidyn HE
    Head cooling mod
    Moroso coolant xp tank
    BF IRS brace
    60 # injectors
    Custom tune by B&D Racing
    Whipple 2.3 gen 2
    3.0 pulley (i think)

    and other stuff that I cant think of
    Hey do you have a PM (private message) functionality anywhere on this site? I cannot find that on my control panel or when looking through threads. It may be hard to jump on a car when most people want PM sent to them. That hosed me on the redfire one!

    Enjoy your new wheels!
    Cool, glad you found me. Let me know what the guy says. Wouldn't that be something. Two bad cobras ruling the washington streets. lol

    Well keep me posted with your cobra search. I called that guy tonight and committed to buying the car.
    Hey Bruha - Found ya!

    I sent a PM to the guy in Tenn. about the redfire one - that is a sweet car, but doesn't have the built tranny and suspension upgrades your does.

    Also I need to set up a family picture day at my house again. Probably early fall unless we do something in your studio.

    FYI - my reg. email is [email protected]

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