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    WTB: 5.0,4.6,or 5.4

    i need a 5.0,4.6 DOHC,or a 5.4 DOHC or SOHC, i dont care what the mileage is or if it has any mods on it. All i need is an engine to drop in a 2003 mercury marauder and i need it ASAP.
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    WTB: 4.6,5.4,or 5.0 engine

    hey guys i need a 4.6 DOHC 32v engine for a mercury marauder or 5.4 SOHC or DOHC,or a 5.0 from a 94-95 mustang GT ASAP. These engines can have performance mods jus looking for a replacement engine for my marauder for cheap. if anyone has any of the engines above please PM me with contact info...
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    WTB: roush twin screw or a terrminator engine

    Im looking to buy a 03-04 terrminator engine or a a roush twin screw kit for a 4.6L SOHC engine. Any offers will be taken into consideration wanting mostly the terrminator engine i dont care what the mileage is jus that it runs.
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    01 p71 vs 98 chey 1500 454 pick up

    alright yal i hope you enjoy this one cuz this is what led me to being an avid SVT guy, awhile back ago me an my father were out driven around in beautiful downtown indianapolis(sarcasim) an we get to a stoplight on a fresh paved 2 lane road this black beat up ol'chevy 1500 starts reving his...
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    twin screw for a 3V 4.6

    im thinkin bout dropin a 32 valve 3v mustang engine in my vic but not sure if i should rear mount turbo the car or twin screw im think i wana go for a roush twin screw cuz theres no other sound like the whine of a twin screw but i wana get other peoples opinion so if ya can help a guy out please do