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  • Sorry, I thought you never responded. I just saw your message when looking at my profile. How much would you take for it? Would you be willing to sell one of yours with less miles?
    I saw an old post that mentioned you were looking for a mystichrome vert. I found one with True Forged wheels and styling bar but basically stock other than that. 13,000 miles. They said bottom line is $28.5k. I can provide details if you are interested.
    Wondering if you bought the SB vert earlier this year? Sounds like the one I missed. Any interest in selling? Thanks. Ryan
    Somewhere around 30 on the low end. They are hard to find & usually hard to buy once you find one!
    Cool Cobra,
    I am new to the 2003/4 Mustang Cobra's.
    What would something like your Bone Stock Survivor CO Vert go for in today's market ?
    Thanking you in advance for your help.
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