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  • I am the guy from NH with a 95 R, number 218. I believe your car had about 12k miles on it when you listed it.
    Dave, I was emailing you through Craigslist when you had your R for sale. Still selling it or did you sell it?
    Hi Dave. Sorry to bother you again, I don't have your cell # anymore. Just a question, I got the Raptor wheels mounted on my truck but i'm having a tough time trying to reprogram the tpms sensors. I have the tool and been following the manual exactly. Do you have a way to verify with the person you purchased them from if they know for sure the sensors were left inside? I'm going to try again tomorrow but don't wanna keep trying if they are not in there. Thanks!
    Sorry for untimely responce. Work in long hours at work, anyhow I can't fiqure out how to private message you. I live in the Phoenix metro area and my email is [email protected] or my phone is 480 332 9954 and again my name is Karl and if we can come to a agreement on price I'm Intrested. Thanks Dave.
    Hello dave my name is Karl and I'm Intrested in your Laguna Sega rims. Would you be interested in exchangi g phone numbers and or email to discuss price and shipping info. I'm new to svt performance, so pardon me if I have contacted you in the wrong manner.
    Hi Dave, im not sure if im doing this correctly. I live in natick near the wellesley line and i believe i have scene you driving your car around periodically over the last few years. (i assume its you becasue i doubt there are others in the area). I recently picked up a 1995 cobra r so i thought i would drop you a line. my email address is [email protected] and my home number is 508 653 4488. thanks dennis
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