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    SCT PRP multiple vehicle question

    In case anyone was curious, I received my friends xcal 3 yesterday and was able to load a tune to it from my PRP software.
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    SCT PRP multiple vehicle question

    I currently own the SCT PRP software for my 03 Cobra AMZ2 code. If a friend with an 03 cobra AMZ2 has their own SCT tuner but not the PRP software, can I hook their tuner up to my PRP and load a tune on it or do they need to purchase the PRP software for themselves as well?
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    03 Cobra Tuning - Turbo vs PD Supercharger

    A friend of mine is working on picking up a twin turbo 03 cobra that's currently tuned on 60lb injectors and 93 octane. He's going to put bigger injectors and run e85 in a few weeks. I've successfully tuned my 03 cobra via PRP which has a 2.9 whipple, custom cams ID1000's and E85. I'd like to...
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    WTB: Stock loaded differential

    Looking for a stock loaded 03/04 cobra differential with 3.55 gears. I've noticed it's common for a complete IRS to be for sale but it's hard to find just the differential housing loaded with the stock gears. Please let me know if you have anything available! Ready to buy immediately, thanks.
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    JLT HB Hack

    ^ curious too, what was the problem you were having?
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    Best Alternator For Terminator?

    I'm on my 3rd year with a 170 amp Mechman. I run a 2 lb lower and a larger alt pulley and have no issues at all. Car is a 2.9 whipple with twin 465 fuel pumps.
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    FS: Pro 5.0 Shifter (like new)

    Thanks, yeah I figured that would be the case. Someone will want it at some point lol..
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    FS: Pro 5.0 Shifter (like new)

    bump, price reduced
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    FS: Pro 5.0 Shifter (like new)

    bump, replied to PM's
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    FS: Pro 5.0 Shifter (like new)

    still for sale! Will accept reasonable offers.
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    FS: Pro 5.0 Shifter (like new)

    all PM's replied to