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  • Still have gt500 wheels for sale? If yes, can you contact me or give me a price shipped to Las Vegas. Thanks
    Hey Bob. Yes, it has been a long time bud. We are doing well. Family is doing well and kids are wild like a 3 and 5 yr old should be!

    Bad news on your Car. I sold it in December and picked up a Shelby GT500 in January. Oopss.... The 04 Mystichrome now lives in Arizona!!!

    Those new 5.0's are nice and stout! I have a couple of buddies with an 12 model and it's nice!! Go ahead and get you one!
    Hey David! It's Bob Green that use to see you @ Amazon. Hope you taking care of "my" car! lol Been a long time since i have been able to drool on the Mystic. Hope you & the family are doing ok. I still haven't jumped back in a Stang but maybe by year end I'll be in a newer 5.0 Take care! Bob ( SOB )
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