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  • I made a post in the form but thought I would copy it here as well.

    My drivers side door only unlocks with the remote about half the time, the other times I have to use the key.

    I believe I could just replace the Actuator. Can I get a quote on a drivers side lock actuator for a 2001 Cobra.

    I am also interested in what a set of headlights would be. Mine are a pretty "foggy" and polishing them isnt helping.

    Thanks! Shipping would be to Georgia, 30563.
    Hey steve, can u get me a price on a steering rack for a 2004 cobra coupe? rebuilt? new? core charge? does it come with inner tie rods? Thanx alot!

    Hey, would you be able to get a sn-95 cobra front bumper? If so let me know a price and what it would cost to ship it to st.louis 63129. THANKS
    Hey, would you be able to get an ignition key switch for a 95 Mustang Cobra? With a new set of keys?Any help is appreciated thanks!
    Hello Steve, I bought some side scoops for my 01 cobra, they are not Ford OEM but they fit perfect on the car. These scoops didnt come with the black honeycomb caps, is there any I can get the caps?
    Thank You
    I am looking to buy a black SVT Focus trim panel from you guys but I am unsure which panel in your store I need. I need the panel on the lower left hand side of the dash that covers the OBD port. And would you know which of the lugnuts in the store came originally on the SVT Focus?
    Hi, I'm looking for an 03/04 cobra front bumper. I'm located in Tallahassee,FL, 32312.

    Thanks for your help,
    Jeff Spinks
    I read a post about you having pig tails for a 03-04 cobra front bumper. I have one and bought the fog lights from the dealership but i dont have a wiring harness on my stock car. I was wondering if i could use the pig tails, and wire it straight to my headlight knob that way any time my headlights were on, my fog lights would be on as well.
    hey, i was reading your post about the oem parts, i recently came across an 01 svt cobra and theres a few things im going to need. How much would the pair of new fuel rails, and alternator cost.
    Good Morning!!

    I am currently stationed overseas in Germany, and was looking into spending some of my Iraq cash I earned while deployed. I have a 1996 Ford Contour SE, and some of the guys at SVT Performance, and, suggested getting an SVT Body Kit. I was wondering if you could quote me on a full kit? Also, would it be possible to ship to an APO address? Thanks for your time and support!!

    Go Army!!!


    My name is William and I stumbled upon your store link and was wondering if you could quote me a price. I am doing a interior conversion on my 1995 Cobra, and am looking at replacing the 2 front seats with a set up micro fiber 03-04 Cobra seats. Color would be Black with grey inserts, do the seats also come with the mounting brackets? if not what is price for those?

    Last but not least, I need to replace my center console for my 95, transmision is a manual and dyed black. Thank you.

    William Brooks
    Spanaway, WA. 98387
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