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  • do you have any more info on the transmission you have posted? Who built it? how much is it rated for? How many miles on it? what kind of valve body?
    Sorry didn't see this message until now. Will not go lower then 19.5. Please call or text me at 908-566-5763 if you're interested
    Hey what's ur number I can send you pics of the shift light and the brace. You can go to stifflers website and see which superchargers it will clear. Im almost positive it'll clear up to a 2.8 KB. It's a really nice piece. Just don't have any use for it anymore. And the shift light is with 2 mounting clips (one I modifiedso I can mount it near the gauge cluster from one of the screws above the gauges) and the other mounting bracket I've never used. Send ur number and I'll get you pics. If you're interested we'd have to workout a deal for you to pay shipping though if that's alright. Thanks
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