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  • Hani , I have Hellion TT and I seen your post on oil on deceleration, etc. I have same exact issue. No problems when running Journal TT but when I switched to BB it started. Did you ever figure it out? Did you have to change restrictors? Plz respond thank you.
    Thanks for the reply Hani, I never knew about MyUS.com - I'm so glad I asked you because Hypermotive were the ones reluctant to send here but they were the cheapest from my research. I'm going to sign-up now and see how it works - thanks again.
    Hi Hani - I just saw your post on the Forgestar wheel thread. I also have a black 5.0 GT and been looking for gunmetal F14s for a while now - Did you ship them in from the US or were you able to buy them locally? I'm in Dubai and want to get them in 20s but most vendors are not willing to ship here.
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