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    SCT X4 Tuner Un-locked

    SCT X4 Unlock and Unmarried. $325 Shipped
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    WTB: Cobra Jet Springs

    Looking to buy a set of Cobra Jet Springs.
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    I'm Back!!!

    So I sold my SB Cobra about 4 months ago and have been looking for a Z06. Well yesterday ended my search when I found my newest ride which is a 2008 Grabber Orange GT500. I'll post better pictures up after I detail her.
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    FS: 03 Sonic Blue

    FS: 03 Sonic Blue price lowered Thinking about selling my 03 SB and building a fox. 57,000 miles Stage IV ported Eaton 2.76 upper 2lb lower KB BAP 80lb Injectors Kooks Lt's Kooks O/R X RXT Twin Disk and Flywheel (Less then 100 miles) MGW Shifter Fluidyne Heat Exchanger Fully...
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    WTB: 4lb lower ring

    Looking for a 4lb ring and a 3.20 alternator pulley. Ready to buy today.
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    Comp 106400 Cams

    I have a set of 4V Comp 106400 Cams. They have zero miles on them. A shop installed them in my buddies Mach and on start up a spring snap. My buddy then order a full MMR long block with the same cams. I'm looking to get $875 shipped. I can post pictures upon request. I will also consider trade...
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    Has anyone who E85 to a ported Eaton?

    Has anyone used E85 with a ported Eaton? I'm thinking about switching over to E85 this year. Has anyone run E85 with a ported Eaton? If so what power were you making?
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    WTB: Built SRA

    I'm looking for a built SRA let me know what you may have.
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    CCW SP500's for sale

    18x9.5 and 18x11 CCW SP500's with almost new tires. Front tires are 275/35/18 and Rears are 335/30/18's. Tires has less than 2000 miles on them. One of the rear ones has two small chips but that's the only damage to the set. Asking $2300 or trade for fully built SRA with cash on your end.
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    16x9 Draglite XP's with 15x3.5

    I have a set of 16x9 Draglite XP's and a set of 15x3.5 with new skinny radials. The fronts are also 26" tall. The Et Streets needs to be replaced. One of the back wheels has a slight bend but it has never effected the car on the track. I have run these XP's down the track around 300 times or so...
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    WTB Spring

    Looking for Steeda Spring. I love the stance of my 03 with cut factory spring but the roads here are just to rough.
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    Has anyone used DSS Half Shafts?

    I'm new to the IRS world and I have heard nightmare stories about people snapping half shafts at the track. I'm used to cutting 1.6 60ft's in my old Mach. I took the Cobra to the track this past weekend and had wheels hop at the ass.
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    Will my cams work??

    As some of you know I just picked up an 03 SB Cobra and sold my Mach 1. I have a brand new set of Comp 106400 cams that I was planning to put in the Mach. Here are the specs Cam Style Hydraulic roller follower Basic Operating RPM Range 1,800-6,200 Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift 234...
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    Finally got a Terminator!!!!!!!!

    After many years of dreaming I finally got one. I picked up an 03 Sonic Blue with 51,000 miles. It cam with a stage V ported blower, kook's LT's, JLT intake, and the best of all CCW SP500's. Here are a couple of phone pictures. I will post more after I get it cleaned up
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    2004 TR Mach 1 LT's, N02, AFS Wheels etc

    2004 TR Mach 1 Price reduced!!!!!! $14000 The time has come to sell my 04 Mach. I just picked up an 03 SB cobra and the wife said the Mach has to go. The car just hit 54,000 miles it has LT's,C&L intake, 430's, SCT 4 bank chip, FR aluminum drive shaft, drive shaft loop, 1/2 intake spacer, msd 2...