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    Feeler: swap my recaros for your stock seats.

    delete thread i already have 2 buyers if i decide to sell.
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    I kept wondering why the bird food just disappears
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    FS: 20" Vossen CV2's with tires. Fayetteville, NC

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    kingnut's no cut tablet mod 2011-2014 mustangs

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> links to all the products and parts used are in the description.
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    15GT going sink 12/13 boss values?

    Better engine, suspension, lighter, and more interior options for way less money. I think boss owners just got screwed by ford.
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    SYNC I want to punch you in the throat

    Bluetooth audio. Then the bitch asks me what number I want to dial. I said bluetooth audio. You said phonebook right... Is there a better way to get bluetooth audio? A physical shortcut or should I scream "butternut squash and truffles"? Shit drives me nuts.
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    the future of PC's for cars is here.

    Video,Audio Information Solutions for Toyota and Lexus (iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android, USB, XM/Sirius SAT Radio, Video integration) Vais Technologies has made an adapter for that lets your plug and play your android smart phone on to...
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    FS: Brand new BC Coilover (Springs Only) 7K Front/5K Rear

    sold. please delete
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    bassani axle backs 2014 GT

    I love the sound of these. but can someone chime in about any drone issues these have. Also do they stick out on the 13-14 GT rear bumper?
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    whiteline UCA and rear end humm

    i installed my whiteline UCA last wednesday. i set it to factory specs until i could research how to set the pinion angle correctly. i have put maybe 100 miles on the car since. i can hear a humm when im on the gas at higher speeds. which i would guess is the stress on my gears. are my gears...