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  • Larry,

    If I have an item that can be used on multiple vehicles, how do I post the thread in more than one forum? For example: Universal Parts that can be used on an 03-04 Cobra, 11-14 GT500, 11-14 GT, or F150. Thanks....
    Is there anyway I can have my username changed? I signed up via Facebook and I don't want to use my name as it is lame :/
    Hey, i've been a member for a couple years but I really haven't been that active until recently. I purchased a cobra and tried sending a PM to a person regarding a sale on a part they were selling and It is saying i am unable to send private messages. Is there a way you may be able to unlock that so I can communicate w/ others VIA pm? Thank you!
    Am I permentlly removing from private messages? I though my infarction expired last of 14? Thanks
    How's it going, just wanted to ask if its ok for me to have my first post in the market. I looked around but coudn't find rules for posting in the market. Been a member for 3 years but never posted more of a "stalker". Have plenty of feedback and posts in "corral" if that means anything. Please let me know, I didn't want to go start silly threads or one word replies just to get my posts started unless you think I should lol.
    I couldn't log into my DaltonJman account. That's why I have the djohnson2011 account. I only use the djohnson2011 account though. Is it ok for me to continue using the djohnson2011 account account?
    Hello, all of my posts have to be 'moderated' before I can post, also my PM's seem to be disabled?
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