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  • Would love to ride in your jet car, and would also love to see video from your buddy in the white cobra from the day of the pics when I tried out my wvblue 2006 gt against you guys.
    Tony, how do you like your Hoosiers? I'm looking for a good set of DR's for the street and just wondering how they are? Are you running them for the streets only or track only?
    Whats up, the previous owner of my cobra said that he got the eaton ported by strictly you have any pics of the inside of a stock eaton compared to an eaton ported by strictly performance???

    call the shop

    LL keeps an eye on all my posts/messages and i can't quote prices
    it's a bunch of shit, i know
    Hey, it wont let me PM you so i guess i'll have to do this.
    I'm thinking about buying some 3.90 gears for my 04 cobra and i was wondering how much it would cost for yall at Strictly to install them...
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