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  • Hello, I have a question on the 4V coolant crossover delete kit - can you let me know which Y Block size I should go with? It would be going on a bolt-on 2004 Cobra. Thanks!
    I have not received all of my order from March 6th. I am missing a set of head studs that were back ordered and a set of cam filters that were listed in the invoice, but were not included in the box with the first part of my order. Please help. Order #92996.
    I have a crankshaft that was damaged by my stock timing gear in a 2011 Mustang GT when the keyway blew out. If I send a picture, do you mind letting me know if you would recommend using your billet timing gear on that crankshaft or if I need to replace it? Thank you!
    I had some questions about your pistons you sell the mmr manley 4.6 pistons was wondering if you sell them separate and also where I can get replacement c clips for the wrist pins...model for the pistons is 1000mp
    I'm looking into doing some work on vmy 2013 GT500 it's all stock with 13k miles, wanting to do some rods crank gear and oil pump gears and also some cams. Need to see what price would be
    looking to take advantage of this deal on another MMR1500 block

    I want to do layaway and pay it off before spring.

    How do I make a layaway payment?

    only option online is for FULL payment
    Hey I am looking for a valve spring comparable with vct. I have a 76/75 pte single turbo with a 11 to 1 aluminator. I installed the tf stage 1 springs and they aren't enough. Still having slight bounce above 6300rpm. I see your springs have 15ibs more on the seat with titanium retainers. Do I need to put limiters with these springs. Still running stock cams. Is a crank timing gear required as well? This turbo setup has a fair bit of bp but I am looking for a max of 850rwhp on 15 psi. I can start to see issues above 6300rpm above 9psi with the tf stage 1. Do you think this will be enough for my goals? Thanks!
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