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    Ford Adds New GT500 Heritage Edition and Exclusive Code Orange Paint | Plus Coastal Edition Mustang

    Another article on new paint colors for 2022. Whoopdee-do. Where’s the technical article on the GT and Mach 1 losing 10 horsepower for 2022? Oh, well I guess Ford isn’t feeding you all press releases on that one, huh? I like the blue…Yawn. How about something that actually matters?
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    2021 Mustang Mach 1 | 10R80 | Road Test Review

    so as a follow up, the horsepower reductions in 2022 are to meet LEV III standards, which are a product of that pimple-infested, worthless, braindead dirt licking State of California and their CARB. It’s also about CO2, a tasteless oderless, harmless gas, not a pollutant. It’s an effort of one...
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    2021 Mustang Mach 1 | 10R80 | Road Test Review

    Tob, you need to get the lowdown for us on this 10 hp decrease on all of the 2022 5.0 Mustangs. The only thing I’ve seen is it is related to emissions, but that doesn‘t narrow things down much. It could be a calibration change, or a cat change, or ???. I need to know if this is a hardware of...
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    2022 Ford Mustang Gets Updates | Including New Stealth & California Special Packages

    I like the GT/CS. I don’t know why they have always made that package exclusive of the Performance Package. It seems like a natural pair. I stopped being excited about Mustangs when the new GT500 and Mach 1 prices made them Luxury car class. Prices increases have outpaced wage increased...
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    7.3L Godzilla Swapped Turbo S-197 Mustang Drag Car | What's Not To Love???

    That’s a cool swap and well done, but to answer you title question of “What’s not to love?”: 1) 16V OHC cam-in-block 2) heavy cast iron block (you alluded to how an aluminum block would be awesome. I agree.) Regarding Godzilla in general: How about de-stroking it to a 429 and putting a...
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    Off-Road Testing a 2020 Ford F-250 Tremor | Coastal Carolina Sand-Pit | Full Review

    I like the Super Duty. I own one with the 6.7, but they are terrible off road trucks. Ours has been off road twice and both times ended up stuck and had to be pulled out - One time on a mostly flat grassy surface: and the tires are in good shape! These trucks just weigh too much to be taken...
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    7.3L Godzilla V8 Gets a Ported Intake Manifold | Dyno-Tested

    I like what Ford did with the 13-14 Trinity GT500: - Bigger Blower - Smaller Pulley - More displacement - More compression - Bigger Cams - More RPM There’s something to be said when a manufacturer takes and ‘all of the above’ approach :-)
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    Michelin Cup 2 for 13-14 GT500

    I need new tires for my 2014 GT500. Stock tire size is 265/40R-19 front and 285/35R-20 rear. According to, I can now (finally!) get Cup 2’s for my car. They are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect (240). I can’t seem to find these on Discount Tires website. Can I get them?
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    Ford's New 'Enthusiast' Package Lowers Cost of Explorer ST

    Losing a sound system, rear heated seats and a wireless charging pad, but adding a model year does not add up to a $4k price reduction. Sorry, there is more to the story here. I bet the MT statement of this one being RWD instead of AWD is probably the real reason for the price reduction. It...
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    Reviews or Track Times?

    Aha! Rear seat delete. I was WAY off, lol.
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    Reviews or Track Times?

    RSD? Roll Stability Datalogger? Red Striped Dipstick? Real Strong Donut? Rally Sport Division? Random Steakhouse Destination? Retail Supplied Database? Roush Sport Durango? Ridge Sheet Drought? Really Stupid Definition? I’m trying but I can come up with anything that makes sense, lol.
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    Design “revisions”

    Actually, here is the updated side sticker. Quite a bit different than the original prototype, and I can’t say I like it as much, but YMMV.
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    Design “revisions”

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    Design “revisions”

    Here is a link to the article:
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    Design “revisions”

    I saw in the Ford Performance Email today an article that talked about the small details they have changed between the time the vehicle was unveiled and when it went into production. Basically, they highlighted three changes. Two of which I hate and the third I can’t notice. 1) Chrome Outline...