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    My Experience With Selling On Bring A Trailer

    I think he has like 7 or 8 cars, the Mercedes 280 and Mk2 supra in his history that were both reserve not met, he ended up buying. I know he also mentioned he has two 4runners and a land cruiser, so certainly likes his toyotas. These cars are appreciating since most of them are ragged out, a...
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    For Sale: Mustang Week

    We've got the carlisle all ford nationals which is basically Mustangs + a few other cars. Although in recent years the Focus/Fiesta crowd has been making its mark.
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    My Experience With Selling On Bring A Trailer

    I see a lot of threads posted here either related to BaT auctions, or people inquiring about selling cars on BaT, or people selling cars and others suggesting they sell on BaT. I just sold my 95 Lexus SC400 on BaT yesterday so I figured I'd make a thread depicting my experiences. Cliff notes...
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    I am not sure if BMW is still like this but at least until recently they never had actual A/C seats, they offer "ventilated" seats which should be an option on the X5's. But the Germans also make everything an option, I'm currently driving a 2015 X5 diesel M sport that has no backup camera...
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    I imagine that can be coded out but that must be a feature they added on the current gen. My mother has a 2015 X5 and it has hill assist mode which will lock the brakes on a hill if you enable it, but it won't do that at every stop on flat ground. Did you buy or lease this, also I imagine its a...
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    Ford's Marketing Team Is Just Killing It | Insulting Your Customer's Intelligence | Bold Strategy Cotton

    Ford must be taking notes from BMW on how to reach out to the masses
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    New daily BMW i8

    At one point a few years ago, 3 employees at my friends BMW dealer in NJ were DDing these i8's because the employee lease rates were hilariously cheap, I want to say like 150-200 a month. BMW was offering i3's at like 80 dollars a month (talk about a car with severe depreciation, yikes) I'll be...
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    Factory Built Ford Bronco is Getting 5.0L Coyote Power | ~Mid-$200,000 Price Tag

    I hope this ends up being a proof of concept for a coyote/10R80 drivetrain in a Bronco. I would absolutely buy one with this drivetrain.
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    Picked up a Mach 1 today

    Granted I don't have a gen 3 coyote but the E85 flex fuel tune on my 16 perf pack still really gives the car a noticeable kick in the ass.
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    What is your daily beater? Do you enjoy it?

    I've got my 2001 330i that I've posted about before, don't have many photos of it since I put the style 68 sport package wheels on.
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    diff oil: 80w90 or 75w140?

    80W90 is what Ford called for when these cars were in production, all 8.8's got superseded sometime later and switched to 75W140. Either option will work, but if you went to a Ford dealer today and had them drain/fill the diff, they'd put 75W140 in.
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    We Need Car Pics for the New SVTPerformance Site

    Is it going to be one picture per section, or a rotating slideshow per section (IE every time you refresh the page) I could crop a couple shots of my S550 and Marauder if more are needed, if only one shot per model is needed I think @VRYALT3R3D covered the Marauder section well with that...
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Get a good outside shot of trilogy 7 and the mystichrome together before you sell that off, two awesome cars from a bygone era of Fords
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    Man I am so sure I've seen this car before, have you ever had it out to the LV C&C or perhaps Carlisle? I feel like I've seen it down at the steel stacks for C&C
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    Very Clean 5k Mile One-Owner 2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra on BaT

    I wish I wasn't trying to buy a house right now, this cobra is like everything I want in a terminator. With how the car market is going as well as the rising resale on these, I feel like I already missed the boat on terminator ownership unless I want a 100k+ mile 7 owner example for 18 grand.