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  • RE: 2010 Roush 'Hammer'. Looks interesting. I am indeed looking for something that is a little unique, so this might fit the bill. If you're just "testing the waters" and not really interested in selling, then that's OK too. Let me know either way. I'm a serious buyer at a REASONABLE price. Email me directly at: davefra AT hotmail.com
    Thanks, Dave F.
    So far I would say we are still having turning issues. I think the tune could Be part of mu problem but not sure yet. I don't have an extra sensor. I do have a rough car with me this and have 0 tuning issues with that car, again without a extra sensor.
    How does the car run with the method injection? Any problems tuning it? I'm about to run an Alkycontrol 100% method system. Did you place a IAT sensor after the meth so the PCM could adjust for it? Thanks
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