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  • Hey! Me's been awhile, but i'm finally going to get around to cutting my coils. When you cut the coils did you have to install CC plates to get back to alignment specs?
    How many coils had you cut on the front and rear of your mach? I'm assuming you cut the top of the coil each time.
    Hi OrangeMach23, I was wondering if you knew the color of the red stripe that was painted on the black Mach. My car is going into paint next week and I'm hoping to get the color right. Oh, and I enjoy seeing your car riding down 247!!
    Wassup dude. Ain't seen you around MCE in forever and was wondering what's been happening? Need to come on over and post up what's been going on for ya!
    Lil Chris bought a Red 02 Z06 with 34k miles on it. He lowered it and painted the wheels black and did a red pin stripe on the outside and smoked the tail lights out. The car looks sick!
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