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  • Congratulations on getting out!!! (My cobra has been parked since 2008) I had a question maybe 2 questions about a LC3 4.4 northstar blower you ported before you closed (members name is STS-V). Not sure if your notifications get emailed.
    Hey man! I know you've probably been asked this a thousand times, but do you still have the full write-up for the home porting? I'd like to do my charger/tb/plenum but a little unsure on the tb/plenum part. I also have some quick questions regarding the supporting mods as well if you'd be willing to chat for a few minutes? Thanks man!
    I was hoping you could help me with some advice. I have one of your Race Ports on my car now but bought a Steg VII Hybrid and was going to swap them out. Problem is I really want to keep your port job. I was thinking that instead of selling yours I'd just swap the hybrid kit over to your port. What do you think? Would it be worth the work? How big of a job will it be (first time)? Any part replacement?
    Doing research for a TB and Plenum. I came across your TB comparison... Interested in the Dragon Plenums. Did i read correctly that you can supply them for 500? TB and Plenum? Hope to hear from you.
    Hey I'm new to the forums and cobras. I just picked up a ported eaton off a friend and posted a thread to see if anyone can identify the port and if its safe to put on my car, someone recommended to talk to you. If possible can you check out my thread with the pictures in it and give me some advice if its safe to run and your thoughts on the porting. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
    Hi Brian, I'm new to the site but picked up a cobra recently and have been researching throughout the whole forum and I have to give it to you it seems as tho u do some really great work with your posi ports, but also I have gathered that u no longer do ports? Is it true? My reason for asking is I have a stock eaton on my car right now and would love to have it ported and from all the reviews I would like to take my business to you first if that wouldn't be a problem?.. Like I said I just picked up my cobra a few months back and since then I have had 2 friends pick up Cobras that I would love to blow the doors off hahaha, if you can help sweet, if not I understand brother and still would like to give you your props for your work, thanks for your time
    [email protected]
    Posi I was getting ready to port my blower and wanted to run something by you . Your the ported blower God if you don't mind. On the lead ins on the cobra blower would it be worth it to weld on the bottom on the blower to get deeper lead ins to go to the bottom of the rear bearings or any pics would help I know you took them down of the site. [email protected]
    Hey Posi
    I just purchased an eaton with a posi port on it I should be receiving it Friday. It's stamped posi on the left lower front and 033 on the lower right. I'm curious if you can tell me any info on it that you may have and any advice on things to look for once I get it. Any input is greatly appreciated!

    I was going to let that eaton go for pretty cheap to someone. I as wonderng what you think is a fair price for the one i posted on the jb weld hack job lol.
    Hey man, I know this is probably annoying to you. But my Cobras down for a while. So I was going to do a little port/clean up on the eaton. I have searched high and low trying to find a picture of the inlet side of the blower either pre ported or post ported. Just kinda to get an idea of what I'm looking at getting into. For the record I'm not doing this for a living or anything of that sort. Just out of boredom and wanting to see how I can do. Any and all information you can give is extremely appreciated. Thank you for your time friend.

    Hey Posi, I was wondering if you can help me? I have a 2003 SVT Cobra with the stock Eaton. I was hoping you can send me a tutorial and or pictures of how to do a port job to my blower? I like to do things myself and I been looking for past threads from you because lots of people in the racing community have referred me to you and that your one of the best. Can you please help me out, I will not distribute info or anything I just want to do this myself at home. [email protected]
    Posi...can you help me out I want to port my Eaton at home. I saw you removed your
    photos and website because people suck.
    hi my name jesus I have done some research and heard you are the best but I saw u closed so I was wondering if you recommend anyone I just got my 03 cobra
    Hey I recently purchased a blower that you had reworked that was originally done by steggy. Have people telling me it's fake but it has your stamp on both sides above steggy. Can you confirm that it was indeed done by you after?
    Hello. I just read a lot about you today and your porting abilities and I had some questions. Would you be able to answer a few questions I had about home porting a 2002 lightning blower?
    I had a quick I'm about to put my snout back on my cobra, I was wondering if I could use anaerobic sealant instead of rtv?
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