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  • Hey are you still posting on these forums? I have a 2013 Roush S3 mustang with CAI which I've fitted a fore fuel system, ID1000 injectors, Offroad H pipe and am now running e85. Had the car tuned at Mustang magic (they're on Long Island). I'm now making 635/550 to the wheels on a dyno jet and it's night and day from the stock Rs3 setup. I'm now worried about the rods. How worried should I be? The tuner said the car made 660 originally but he dialed it down for safety. The TVS charger now builds boost much slower than it did when I punch the throttle, and tops out at 8psi (was ten psi with the 82mm pulley prior to the install job).

    Tuner said the car makes a lot of power for what it is and didn't leave me feeling confident. Looking for peace of mind. My driving style is old lady level with occasional highway pulls and dig pulls to 6800
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