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    O/R X/H pipes Discontinued?

    you would think all of these are legal for competition purposes. As mentioned, the tune may have become a problem.
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    Are you guys (or gals) passing inspection with a tune?

    My car is not sniffed, or plugged into anything. You could always
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    2013-2014 availability and values

    i am having a hard time classifying the comparison of a Mach E GT to a Trinity car as ignorant, or having been made by a cognitively impaired person.....Either way, the resulting conclusion is the same. You must be "special" in some regard.
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    101-Mile 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 on BAT

    I bought my 7.5 mile car Last year for less ;) In a much better color combination IMHO....
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    wtb stock parts 13/14

    Just for the record, my PM was to the OP, as the other poster was obviously a scam. I have some take offs for the OP.
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    wtb stock parts 13/14

    I sent you a message. I am in San Antonio.
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    As others mentioned, the boost gauge is not accurate. I believe it is actually a calculated amount, and not an actual pressure value.
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    Modded my virgin 2014 and took it top the dyno

    Will do. Perhaps not very surprising, but not at all. It was actually one of the main driving reasons for me to stay with the GT500s. I did put on clutch in it around 55k miles, but that is to be expected. One warranty repair for a random battery cable failure early in its life. It did need to...
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    Modded my virgin 2014 and took it top the dyno

    Last February I picked up a "wrapper" car from a collection that only had 7 miles on it. I continued to drive my modded 2010 gt500 until mid summer or so, and then sold it with around 102k miles on it. I bought that one with 4k miles on it, and installed the usual goodies (upper, lower...
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    Trinity Price Inflation?

    I will be honest and forthcoming. I bought a "used" 2014 in February with 7 miles on it. Still has the sticker and interior plastics. I paid 58k, with it was worth it to me for a mint car. Money is all relative though, and I imagine when I do sell this one, if ever, I will get a portion of the...
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    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    Just wait... all of these "woke" crazy people will try to change it.
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    Let the recalls begin!

    I would think so. I could have bought one with 10k miles for a chunk less, but I knew this one was pristine and not driven hard (or at all really). Still paid WAY under
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    2021 GT500 and a new Carbon Fiber Handling Package?

    My point was if you want the the best stuff...there is no option for the back seat, thus making it mandatory if you want the best car. The other items I brought up were to illustrate the "race cars" they marketed without back seat, deleted nearly all of the creature comforts. The CFTP doesn't...