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  • Do you happen to have a dual a pillar guage pod laying around for a 04 cobra? I want a sos dual pod and the site says they are no longer available. If you do not have one do you have a stock pillar I could send to them for modification? Also what about extra drivetrain for a cobra? Thanks
    If you are interested in selling the silver cobra with lower end problems could you please text me some details. 5732386155 Thanks.
    I'm looking for the relay box for the intercooler pump on an 03 cobra. Bought the car recently and it didn't have one. Let me know what you've got please!
    Hi, saw your ad on Ebay, I need a rear diff. 8.8" with 32 spline. Is that the one on Ebay ? Tried looking for a phone # ? If it is I need one asap.

    Thanks, Marty
    Apologies.. Talking about the mount on the back-side of the diff. I saw the L&R Diff mounts in your store, but I didn't see the (single) rear mount. Looking for a (stock) one I can put MM's urethane bushing into.
    Hey Sonic -- I'm a happy customer of your eBay store -- bought a set of pedals from you awhile back. Looking now for a rear IRS mount. Going to modify it and have it ready when my shop updates the gears & diff in my '01 Cobra. Have one on hand that'll fit?
    Hey bro I got questions about your ride and what I can do to mine if you can help me out that would be great?
    Hey sonic just curios I've been looking for the 03/04 cobra connecting rods I am need of two if you have some pm please
    Hey sonic saleen looking for some cobra 03 04 rear bumper, side skirts, and spoiler. Let me know if u have anything available thanks. 586 623 77fivefour just text me
    Hey sonic I am looking for a hood 03-04 cobra in black preferably. You have anything in good clean shape?
    Would you be interested in Brembo 4 piston calipers with banjo
    bolts,and New set of Hawk Hps pads in trade.
    for cobra deck lid and spoiler?
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