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  • Hey man new to this Forum.. I have a 96 Cobra I want to replace the oil pan gasket. It was a slow leak at first but now it even worst. From skimming through the forums you have successfully replace the oil pan gasket. Can you send me a complete detail instruction on how to replace the oil pan gasket. I really don't want to take it out to a dealership because they will charge me arm and leg to get this done. Please email me [email protected]
    SVT CAMR: Hey I'm Marc Pontello, met you earlier tonight, that cobra is wicked! this is a pic I had up on facebook from last summer, awhile after I got the Vic painted.

    check out the rest of the pictures here on facebook (even if you don't have one):

    Marc Anthony Pontello's Photos | Facebook

    nice to meet somebody who's on the forums around here! as for vics, marauders, and any of the panther wheelbases there's not a whole lot of people, they're mostly East and North. See you around man.
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