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  • It's mike, the guy who bought the cobra from you. I sorry to say I have to sell the cobra now too, the Mrs is 39 weeks prego. I have the car up on CL now, but it kills me having to get rid of it.
    It was fun while it lasted, only problem I had was needing to replace the alternator 3 times under warrenty.
    I just ordered the same cover and I am wondering if i can take the cover off and swap it without droping the whole thing out? I found this and was wondering if it would work....I have a reuseable rubber gasket to go with it so im not worried about getting the rtv sealer up there without messing it up.

    ''You have enough room to get the cover off, take out the 4 bolts on the bar infront of the diff. and take out the 2 bolts in back of the diff, remove the drive shaft and push the diff forward remove the bolts on the cover and should have enough room, I did. Shops just say you have to so they can take from your wallet''
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