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May 13, 2008
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I have had a few 00R’s over the years and have posted on Craigslist. Not sure which specific car you are referring to. Feb 23, 2019

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Jul 25, 2021 at 1:20 PM
    1. TFStang
      I have had a few 00R’s over the years and have posted on Craigslist. Not sure which specific car you are referring to.
    2. jeffziss
      I reached out to Dave and he said to touch base with you, as he said you have two 2000 Rs. Did you have one listed on CLs about 18 months ago. I’m the guy from NH with a 95 R, #218. Finally in the market for a 2000 to put in my garage. Let me know. :)
      1. TFStang
        Hey Jeff. Not currently selling anything, but what are you looking for? I’ll keep an eye out for you.
        Feb 21, 2019
      2. jeffziss
        Would love a 00 R that I don’t mind driving. Have #218 of the 95s and a couple other nice Mustangs but this is next. I’m looking at the one in CA with a cage. It has been ridden hard and put away wet. Would love your thoughts on its value if you have seen it. The two others online are top dollar because they are at dealers.
        Feb 21, 2019
      3. jeffziss
        By the way, we’re you person posting one on Craigslist a year or two ago?
        Feb 21, 2019
    3. modman09
    4. DPFet
      Hi TFStang, I am interested in your Cobra R and would like more info on it. I posted on the other blog as well but just wanted to send you another quick message. Thank you!
    5. 99cobrajn
      still have the r for sale? if so pm me a number
    6. Scpony
      Are you interested in my R if I let it go for $35,000? My number is 773-612-8252 if you wish to contact me. Thanks, Dave.
    7. Scpony
      By no means do I think that your are clueless! Anyway, I would like to get $41,000 for my car but I will entertain an offer. I have the original documentation including window sticker, black binder, etc. and 1 extra Cobra R wheel. I have new tires on the car but have the originals in plastic bags. I also have the original brake rotors in boxes as I put new (clean and shiny) rotors on the R for the car show season last summer.
      Thanks, Dave
    8. Scpony
      I will have my 2000 Cobra R for sale as of Feb 1st. It is on consignment with Gateway Classic Cars - 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R for Sale - Gateway Classic Cars - right now but they are asking too much, I feel, and my contract ends with them this month. Not shown in the pics are an extra original Cobra R hood and front air dam, in original boxes. My phone is 773-612-8252, I live in the Chicago area. Please feel free to call, I know you will like my price.
    9. speedinzone
      If you still have the 93 cobra wheels and tires and want $1,000 cash I can come this weekend I only live over in Albany NY.
      Thanks Jay
      [email protected]
      518-256-1896(shoot me a text)
    10. gordoz71
      Hello, I am interested in your 93 Cobra wheels if they are still available. I am new to the forum. I have a 93 Cobra and its wheels are in mint condition, as well. I am simply looking for a second set. I am in Massachusetts and I would like to look at the wheels prior to purchase. I may be reached via email at [email protected] Thank you.
    11. GaryGrimm
      I would like to buy your 2000 Cobra R Press Kit.
      How do you want to do this?
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