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  • hey bud where did you get that harley davidson grille? I have the same truck color and all and I really want to put that grille in mine. can't find it anywhere besides LMC truck and they want like 600 bones for it. preshate the help
    hey man, im starting to run into some problems with my 03...tripped the engine, says bank 1 runnin lean, when its cold it makes a wierd noise when the rpms are lowered. far as i know its stock. i bought it in 2007. think you can help me out...i live in Copperas Cove, Tx. case you are ever thru
    Hi, I was wanting to see the photo that you posted a while ago in regards to the guy having vacuum line issues. I have installed a 3.4 Whipple on my 03 Lightning and can't figure out how to hook the vacuum lines back up and a diagram is no where to be found. Please assist if you can. Thanks!
    how is it going devil dog, man ive been out for 7 years, anyways how do you get to the elbow, through the bottom of the truck?
    Love the taillights, but haven't been able to find anything similar for the L's. Do you remember the manufacturer, or where I could get more info on them?
    Its the grille for the 02-03 Ford Harley Davidson edition trucks. They can only be bought used or directly from Ford. They're not cheap though... I was able to get mine for very cheap so I jumped on it.
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