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  • Hello Tob!

    I was reading your review on the Gen II MGW shifter for the GT500's review and I couldn't help but notice you pictured a 07-09 interior, but it looks like you have 13-14 Recaros as your seats? What seats are you using?
    Hi Tob, It's Carl, carguy19 from SVT perfomance.

    My PM has been suspended since early December. Is it possible that you can restore it for me.

    I give you my word that I will not discuss anything not having to do with approved vendors on this message board again. I apologized to you guys on several occasions.

    I am long time member here and I think that the punishment of not being able to use my PM for 5 months is pretty excessive, but I understand you guys don't want people breaking the rules.

    Could you please restore my account back to normal?

    I will not do anything breaking any rules again. You have my word.


    Jan, I just sent you an email to you with respect to shipping to your address in Prague.
    A bad vendor? All I can say is to educate yourself as best you can prior to making a choice with any of them.
    Normally, for sale items go in the appropriate for sale forum in the market section. Are you an employee of that company?
    Try to get at least ten posts and then try your own thread and see what happens.
    Hey, I seem to have problems posting a new thread in the GT500 section. When I get past the Captcha screen I come to a blank svtperformance page and nothing happens for more than an hour. Is there some way to fix this? (I'm new to posting on here).
    The custom set (that I didn't use) were done by Gary Disney. You can find him via a quick Google of his name. A true gentleman and he does fantastic work!
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