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  • Hello, I am looking for some drag springs for my 2011 gt 500. I read that the dead hooker springs are great. Where can I get these and do i need fromt and rear? The previous owner said he put cobra jet springs on the car, however they are red? I have only ever seen the SCJs in blue.
    I was looking at replacing the brake pads on all 4 corners of my 2013 GT 500 and say some nice pads on your website. Any recommendations from you as to which ones I should get and or any discount available for members ? It does have a Trac Pak and Brembos. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
    Hi Van,

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Well the turkey is eaten and the house is quiet so time to plan for spring. I've decided to start with the rear gears in my 13 Shelby convertible. Im thinking 3.73s. After that the 13-6 kit. Its my understanding that the dealer cannot change the speedo calibration in the PCM because its locked therefore I'd need an SCT tuner to do this. Since I will need this for the 13-6 kit anyway, its a logical step. I dont wont to change the stock PCM software right now. All I want to do is change the speedo settings. Is this possible to do with just the SCT without changing the oem software or would I need a stock tune written with just the speedo calibration unlocked?

    Thanks for your help as always.

    Hi Van,

    I've been looking at the 13-6 kit for my 2013 GT500 convertible and I had a couple of questions. I'm in Canada and I have 2 choices for fuel. I can get 91 Shell that is ethanol free or 94 which has limited availability. What can I expect over stock with the 91 octane tune? I'm just looking for some enhanced street performance. Not looking to track it.

    Thanks Van!
    Would you have any idea if the 13+ Shelby after cooler or the KB bigun would fit in the lower intake of a Roush or Whipple lower intake for a 11+ 5.0 Coyote. No one seems to know, they just say it probably is a Shelby after cooler. If it is the 13+ or the new KB would be a great upgrade. Thanks
    Van, my name is Tom Malouf. Need to visit with you about a motor. Thanks 469-222-2778
    Hey Van, you seem to be the Kenne Bell go to guy around here. I am looking for some pulley smaller than 3" for my 2.2L on my newly acquired 03 Cobra. KB says they dont make them anymore, but i figured i would ask you, or maybe you know about the snout upgrade they are telling me to do. Thanks.

    Hey Van,

    My name is Jimmy and I work for Paxton/Vortech/Lysholm Superchargers. We are developing a pulley pack for the GT500 using a smaller pulley and intake and tune and think we could really benefit from using you heat exchanger and radiator. We have already made a 3.3L Supercharger kit but it seems like more people are springing for the pulley and intake setup first. Our car now does suffer from heat soak as it uses the stock heat exchanger. Would you mind quoting us a price on the heat exchanger and radiator when you get a chance? and also how soon this will be available for shipping. If this works out well in our GT500 test car, we can recommend our customers to purchase this direct from you!!! :) We would need this shipped to Vortech Supercharger in Oxnard, CA 93033.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

    -Jimmy Martz
    Hi Van,
    was wondering if you have the "shelby" heat exchanger in stock for a 09 gt500 and how much to ship to San Antonio Texas?
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