5 speed

  1. ace_mechanic71

    FOR SALE: 1991 mustang gt 5.0 5 speed 22k

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1735220980274871/?mibextid=dXMIcH 22k clean title but like all foxbodies it says exceedes mechanical limits on title. Also recieved brand new windsheild 10/17/2023.
  2. C

    WANTED: 03/04 Mach 1 5 speed

    Wanting to buy a clean title, 5 speed Mach 1. Budget is $10,000 Miles don’t matter too much as long as the car has a clean title, and we’ll cared for. Color also doesn’t matter, but would prefer no clear coat issues. Located in central Ohio, but willing to travel for the right car. Cash in...
  3. I

    Im SELLING 1998 Ford contour svt 3.0L Swap

    I am asking $2500 it has been painted B5 Blue it was done in garage so not the most perfect paint job a few small imperfections. It runs and drives great the motor has 60,000 on it and is a 3.0L swap and still is a 5 speed manual. No I do not have documentation of the motor swap I bought it how...
  4. RedFord96

    1996 Mustang GT Convertible PI Swapped

    Sold 3/3/16 Asking $3000 obo. Car is located in Greenville/Anderson area of South Carolina. For sale is my 1996 Mustang GT convertible. It has been a fantastic car for me and been in the family since 1997. I have full service records and receipts dating back to the original owner. This car has...
  5. F

    WTB Azure blue or Screaming yellow Mach 1 - 5 speed - max price $13500 - New england

    Hi, I live in Maine and have been looking for the right mach 1 for a while. It has been tough to find them at the right price,color,condition,mileage ect. within a reasonable distance. Does anyone know of any azure blue, screaming yellow, or even oxford white machs in the new england area? I...
  6. S

    F/S: 3650 very low miles excellent cond.

    I just did a t56 swap on my Mach and I have the 3650 that I took out of it for sale. Its in excellent condition. The 2003 mach that the trans came out of is mine and its a one owner car and only has a little over 39,000 miles on it. The 3650 was rebuilt and upgraded with ford tsb TSB 04-15-6 at...
  7. bullitt4593

    T45 5 speed 35k miles $500

    out of my 2001 Bullitt. the car originally came with a 3650 from the factory. someone was sleeping and didnt fill that with tranny fluid and within the first 50 miles that tranny was toast. at the time the only thing they could find to replace it with was a T45 (other than buy it back) so that...