1. Captain Fluffy Nuggies

    Headers and exhaust are next, need some help!!!

    Hey guys, so my stock 97 Cobra is finally gonna get some much needed NOISE!!!! I will be doing BBK Ceramic Coated Long Tube Headers, with a BBK Off-Road H-Pipe, Flowmaster 40's, and new tips. (I basically had this same exhaust setup minus LT's in my old GT and absolutely LOVED the sound of it)...
  2. CaliGT500524

    BBK 65MM TB and Ported FoMoCo Inlet Elbow FS

    Hi all, I am selling my used BBK 65MM throttle body and my ported stock inlet elbow both from my 2010 GT500 still running the stock M122 Eaton. The BBK TB does come complete with the FoMoCo electronics, I believe these come "bare" without the electronics when new. I am asking $250 for the...
  3. K

    Exhaust Compatability

    My current setup is a 99 GT body with a 99 Cobra motor, the SLP Loudmouth II cat-back, the MAC Off-Road Pro Chamber mid pipe, and stock headers. Does anyone happen to know if BBK 1-1/5" Ceramic long tube headers should fit? I'm assuming so, but just want to make sure. Also, if anyone has any...
  4. Svt_lover

    97 Mustang Cobra Pacific Green $11.5K

    1997 Mustang Cobra The car is pacific green and truly a mint piece. has 67k and is almost bone stock. Currently on the car is a JLT true cold air intake, bbk catless x-pipe, pypes m-80 cat back, and a bama tune for the intake. Car is lowered with sr performance springs and sits on true 03 Tenth...
  5. CaliGT500524

    Catted Mid Pipe Selection

    Hi all, I am about to up the boost and power on my 2010 GT500 with a ported blower from Stiegemeier with their 2.2 pulley kit installed. Now, I basically have all of the supporting mods already, so its a bolt on type and retune type situation, however in talking with Bob he really recommended...
  6. Luis97Cobra

    Low Miles 1997 Cobra Build

    This is a low mile 1997 cobra build 45,XXX Miles please feel free to give feedback thanks enjoy !
  7. NavyTrev

    Accufab Throttle Body & Chrome engine dress up parts

    I just picked up an 04 Cobra and I'm returning the engine bay back to the stock appearance. These parts have been on the car for several years but have no more than 7,000 miles on them. I live in Northern VA. Would Rather sell local but will ship. Let me know if you have any questions or need...
  8. 0

    WTB bbk shorty o/x pipe.

    Looking for a new/used bbk shorty x pipe for long tube headers. (To fit an 01 Cobra) Thanks.
  9. BroseCobra01

    Zex 125 shot on 2001 cobra dyno numbers?

    what should I expect out of a 125 shot, long tube headers, and 3.73 gears. Thinking about adding a kit and was wondering what everyone else is getting out of them. Just curious to see if anyone had a similar setup and what they made on the dyno.
  10. bluestang1724

    BBK Throttle body $260 shipped

    I'm selling a used BBK twin 65 mm throttle body for a 2003-2004 Cobra. It is used but in great shape and in proper working order. I'm asking $260 shipped.
  11. svt_cobra01

    Best O/r H PIPE for 98 GT

    Been doing some research and im on the fence on which o/r H pipe to buy for a 98 GT. I keep seeing mixed responses from people both being positive and negative. I want to be able to buy a offroad H pipe unbolt the stock on and put the new one on with no fitment issues, now I don't want to go...
  12. M

    Got LT, off-road xpipe, and pype bombs installed

    They are LOUD. But a great combo, unfortunately no dyno numbers yet, however, power increase was noticeable.. Mods to date: BBK Ceramic Long Tubes BBK Off-Road X-Pipe Pypes Pype-Bomb Catback Cold Start: Some Revs...
  13. A

    5.0 02 sensor going out with bbk long tubes

    Hello I'm new to posting on svt I have a 2014 5.0. I just installed bbk long tubes bbk throttle body c&l intake off-road x and jms email tune. I replaced the O2 3 times already in the past 4 months I notice a horrible idle at a cold start and the car should be rolling a lot faster than it is. I...
  14. Teksid89

    BBK LT Headers & BBK OR XPipe

    Used and banged up BBK LT Headers off a 01 Cobra - $150 obo Fairly new (2 years) BBK O/R XPipe in great shape - $125 obo $200 for both will ship @ buyers expense, located in East PA email for pics
  15. Ford>Chevy

    My 2002 GT- A Work in Progress

    Well, here is my New Edge guys. It is a 2002 GT with just over 92,000 on the clock. I am looking to do a couple things to it, such as put a blower on it. :rockon: Another kid owned it before me, and took good care of it, so at least we know that some teenagers have an appreciation for things! My...
  16. ty91184

    slp lm1 mufflers, BBK CAI

    parts off my 2003 cobra slp lm1 mufflers 100 bbk cai 125 [email protected] 7 2 4 2 1 7 2 3 5 8 text is best
  17. T

    JLT Ram Air intake

    Selling my JLT Ram Air intake. In great condition with about 5k miles on it. 220 OBO
  18. C

    Stieg Stage III blower, Stock parts, BBK Intake, Aux idler

    Some take off parts from my winter build. Willing to ship or meet within a reasonable distance. All prices OBO. More pics available upon request. Pictures -> Stiegemeier Stage 3 ported blower, stock plenum, with BF hub & 2.93...
  19. P

    FS: bbk ( I believe ) o/r x-pipe and mid pips

    Im pretty sure they are bbk but I could be wrong. Came with my 96 cobra as extras when I bought the car. Both have been sitting in my garage for the past year. 80$ obo for xpipe 80$obo for mid pipes 140$ obo for all located in warsaw indiana and willing to ship if you cover shipping...
  20. In2myCobra

    BBK Catted X-Pipe for sale!

    I have a BBK catted x-pipe for sale. It only has 1,5xx miles on it ( not even broken in yet ). This mid pipe is moderately loud. Im only selling it because i want an off road x. ( I like it LOUD ;-) ) $250 oBo I live in the Dallas fort worth area
  21. R

    cobra BBK shorty o/r x

    bbk shorty off road x pipe. good shape, no dents or anything $80 plus shipping message me or text me 309 371 5340
  22. R

    1997 BBK L/T's for sale

    did a header swap, guy i bought the car from said they were installed 03-04...decent shape. pretty sure they're ceramic. $200.... pics-
  23. Stangv

    Looking to Buy: Long Tube Headers

    Looking to buy long tube headers and x or h pipe. Have funds waiting in PayPal...
  24. Stangv

    Bbk power plus twin 65mm intake throttle body

    BBK POWER PLUS TWIN 65MM INTAKE THROTTLE BODY $220 shipped Call anytime 401-286-7569
  25. OldMillAuto

    **For Sale Steggy Stage 4 Eaton, Dragon TB, JLT, plus more***

    Low Mile Steggy Stage 4 Ported Eaton with 2.8 pulley $500 SOLD Kenne Bell BAP 40 amp $150 SOLD Mach 1 intake uncut ported by MMR w/ 3/8th spacer $400 Dragon Throttle Body and Plenum $400 SOLD JLT fender cold air $150 SOLD BBK 65mm twin blade $150 SOLD 39 lb Injectors 68k miles $100 SOLD All...