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  1. S

    2012 sleeved block twin turbo 5.0

    I am posting my car up for sale. It has been a blast upgrading it and seeing my dream car come to life but now its time to sell. I am getting rid of it to fund some investment opportunities. I do not have to sell it and it's hard to even type this Ad up. But I never drive it and I know someone...
  2. T

    Tuning/Shops in Northern Virginia

    I Bough a 2003 Mach 1 that was freshly built when I purchased it. Its been on a break in tune while I just do light driving around town with it. I'm looking to get a final tune and maybe a general inspection just to make sure everything doing fine on it so I can start to drive it more often...
  3. nickb87

    FS 2014 Mustang GT w/ Built Motor & Trans Roush TVS Low Miles

    SOLD!!!!! 2014 Mustang GT w/ 9700 miles for sale! This car is very fast with over $40k invested in aftermarket mods. It makes 600whp (mustang dyno) on the stock pulley but i have a pulley and tune that makes it over 700whp on pump gas. The motor is built to handle around 830whp if e85 fuel is...
  4. S

    (fs) ID built motor, big single turbo hellion 04 saleen

    Selling my 2004 Saleen Mustang. The motor was rebuilt around 5000 miles ago with Manly pistons and Manly turbo tough rods. While the motor was out the supercharger was removed in favor for a Hellion turbo kit running a 70mm turbo. The car was tuned at Premier Performance in SLC, Utah. They...
  5. samanthahd

    Built 2002 Harley Davidson F150

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/78574255@N06/sets/ (hundreds of pictures) http://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/listing/2002/ford/f-150/558457 Diablosport Predator Tuner with custom daily driver+race tune Diablosport MAFia 3.4 Whipple Supercharger DEI Triple Threat Nitrous System 5.4 Cast Iron...
  6. black03

    Lethal's 1236rwhp 13' Shelby GT500 is Now for SALE!!

    :rockon: Lethal's 2013 Shelby GT500 is up for GRABS!!! Comes equipped with the "King Of The Street" Title, over 1200rwhp, & low 9 second ETs! Ebay -- Three days left to BID: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121341269043?forcerRptr=true&item=121341269043 2013 GT500 Coupe White with...
  7. 03DontMach

    Dyno Predictions!

    Hey Forum!! Finally have my built engine and it has been about a year since my car has ran! Mod Mafia Performance performed the build and I am so excited!! I am running the following (having to do with power): Bored .02 4.6 Windsor AL Block - Finally built! 4.10 Gears (don't really affect...
  8. 03StangWV

    Extra clean '03 GT, fully built, excellent price

    I'm selling my '03 GT Premium. Mods are as follows: FRPP 4.6 Aluminator short block MHS stage II ported heads Bullet blower cams Kenne Bell 2.1L kit TKO500 transmission RAM Powergrip clutch RAM 8 bolt flywheel FRPP 3.73 gears SLP long tube headers SLP x-pipe with hi flow cats SLP...
  9. PooMomma

    Boost and Cam Questions

    So guys i have a 11gt with a built motor 9.5:1, stage 3 comp blower cams 1 7/8 L/T's and a clean up job on the heads. It has the 2.3 whipple with a 3.125 pulley on it. I am in Cali so its tuned on 91 and only puts down 550hp. What do you guys think the power numbers should be cause i think it...
  10. M

    2001 GT/ Built Cobra motor/ PICS inside (WARNING 56k!!)

    2001 GT/ Built Cobra motor/ PICS inside, Reduced!!! For sale 2001 Mustang GT 81k on body, 10k on motor, 15k on rear end Rear quarter panels flared 2.5" to fit Large racing slicks! Asking $13.5K. Must see how beautiful this car is! REDUCED $12.5k, Will consider work vans as partial trade Reduced...
  11. Shroutc

    1997 cobra bulit motor question's

    Hey guys im new to this site. but i have a 1997 cobra that ive recently re-built. heres the run down icon forged piston .10 over forged eagle rods w/arp bolts 4340 race bearings stock high flow oil pump stock forged 8 bolt crank arp head studs spec cluch KenneBell supercharger 1.7 model...
  12. 94mustang

    what to do (94 mustang gt)

    i have a 94 mustang gt w/ 302 its stock and im wondering what i can do to build the motor. i can buy little stuff but nothing major like s/c or turbos just little stuff and then i can start working my way up. thanks and leave ideas
  13. tranznet

    Feeler - 03' Oxford White 2.6KB w/Built Lower End in TX For Sale Soon ONLY 9600 Miles

    I have 03' Oxford White w/ 2.6KB, built lower end: Teksid block bored .20, ARP main studs, Diamond Forged racing pistons aftermarket Manley rods with ARP 2000 rod bolt upgrade, solid rear w/ 3:55 gears, 15" skinnys and drag wheels/tires, & 20" street vossen silver & chrome wheels/tires (looks...