1. RazoSvt

    WANTED: 2001 Cobra Cams.

    In search of 2001 cobra intake cams needed for my engine rebuild. Parts are obsolete from dealers and hoping someone out there can sell me theirs, used or new. Part numbers are YF3Z6250CA & YF3Z6250BA. Please, if someone knows anyone who might have some laying around send them to me.
  2. T

    FOR SALE: MHS Modular Headshop 4v Stage 2 S/C Camshafts ☠️

    Selling a set of brand new MHS Stage 2 Blower camshafts. Never installed with the fresh plastic smell like opening presents on Christmas morning. Would make a great Christmas present too...
  3. popstar

    WTB 2005 Aviator DC 9 Thread Heads, complete

    WTB 2005 Aviator DC 9 Thread Heads, complete Please text me or pm me if you have a set and want to part with them. Thanks, Alex 213-280-1461
  4. bumsoil

    Cam Choice 106200 vs 106400

    Getting ready to yank the motor on my Cobra to rebuild its knocking bottom end. Depending on the cost of the rebuild, there's a pretty good chance I'm dropping a set of cams in. Right now my combination is stock B heads, a short runner intake with a raised floor, Ford racing shorties, IMRC...
  5. B

    Kurgan Cams

    I recently purchased what I thought were custom cams for my 04 Cobra. Come to find out they are not custom. I've tried contacting Ward a few times to discuss these, but have never heard back. Took my money and ran. So here they are. I would like to get what I paid for them. They include...
  6. adriangv

    WTB Comp Cams, Bullet Cams 4v

    If anyone has a pair of used cams please PM me. 96-01 4v cobras.
  7. Philitup

    Cammed, Longtubes, O/R Hpipe, Borla Stingers

    hey guys, haven’t been on the forums in quite some time. Put some new videos up on my YouTube channel. Figured I would share my current set up. Let me know what you think and check out my other videos!
  8. jerry5

    Brand New Comp Cams, Stage 3 Blower/Nitrous 106460

    Ok let me try to post this a third, Apparently the clown is looking for any little reason to remove my posts. Cams are in the original Boxes/packaging, never used or installed. These are $1,250 new at all the parts stores. Price - $850.00 plus shipping, firm. RPM Range: 2000-6400 Valve Lash...
  9. L

    Gen 2 heads on gen 1 short block.

    I was looking at putting all new Gen 2 heads on my 2014 instead of just switching valves and springs. What all is involved in this process? I know you reuse gen 1 timing components and all, what about cams I'm upgrading to stage 3 comp, would I also just buy them for gen 1?
  10. 99SVTMonster

    Fully Built 2003 Mustang Cobra - 24k Miles, 802 Rwhp

    I think the time has come to part ways with my terminator. This build had NO expenses spared and more money invested than I can count. I know what I have in this car, and the time and money it takes for a full build like this one. Serious buyers only. I will try to list everything I can about...
  11. A

    S197 , P0345... engine rattling... any help would be great

    Hey guys, ill try to summarize as best as i can. Recently my 08 mustang gt (mods intake, full exhaust, tune) started randomly making a loud engine rattle noise, started out just when I would come to a stop or below 3k rpms but then got more frequent, I pulled codes and got p0022 (timing over...
  12. G

    COMP CAMS 2015 TO 2017 5.0L COYOTE CR SERIES NSR CAMS (N/A STAGE 3) - $1100 (Los Angeles)

    8184190160 los angeles area text me BRAND NEW IN BOX UN-OPENED COMP CAMS 2015-2016 5.0L COYOTE CR SERIES NSR CAMS (N/A STAGE 3) The new CR cam series from COMP Cams® is designed to greatly improve upon stock 2015 Coyote camshafts and work without modifications to the engine's cylinder...
  13. Willadams

    Can I use S550 exhaust cams in 11-14?

    Hi all, I've got a new crate engine in my 2011 Coyote. It's got the 2015 cams/Phasers/chains etc. I've been told I need to change back to 11-14 VCT for the engine to run properly. I keep getting bank 1 and 2 intake cams over retarded codes. I've heard that the S550 exhaust cams can be used...
  14. 05Sonicblue

    ***RENTAL*** - super chargerpulley remover/installer Spring compressor & wedge tool

    I bought the billetFlow Supercharger pulley to change out pulleys with ease. I also have the Freedom Racing 3V Valve Spring Compressor tool and Timing Chain Wedge set for rental. I figured I'd rent them out for anybody that needs them. -Price: $25 plus you cover shipping fees (13.50 priority...
  15. SVT12GT500

    CAMS/Smog in CA

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to do some research to see if it is possible to install cams and at what stage in order to be able to pass smog in California. Does anyone have any experience with this in CA? I did some searching but nothing specifies CA. Can you do something like install the cams...
  16. U

    What cams for street

    I'm going to be pull my motor out and putting in better rods and pistons so I would like to upgrade the cams. What is everyone using? I like the lope idle but how is the drivability on the street. Are cams hard to tune? Guy let me know what your running.
  17. Gavinb_SVT

    03-04 Cobra Cams in 96 Cobra

    If I put 03-04 Cobra cams in my car will I need a tune? Also a friend told me I only need to change 2 of them I think. I'm not sure how true that is I am just getting a feeler here. Any information helps! Thanks guys.
  18. BroseCobra01

    WTB: Comp cams for my 01 Cobra

    Just like the title says, Let me know what y'all got
  19. 70fastbackstang

    Cams or E85??

    Hey guys currently on the wall between a set of cams or and E85 conversion for my 2012 GT500. Currently its a stock motor with full exhaust ARH headers and a 4.0 crusher Whipple with the monoblade throttle body only about 16.5 to 17 PSI I know its too big but I got a smoking price on it only...
  20. C

    Best n/a cams? 98 cobra

    I was wondering what the best cams are optional for 98 n/a cobra or just leave stock?
  21. V

    WTB 98 cobra 4v cams

    Looking to buy a set of 98 cobra cams 4v
  22. Beercules

    Removing drivers side cam cover

    Ok, so how do people recommend removing the drivers side cam cover? Trying to do cams myself and the brake booster is in the way. I've tried lowering the k member. ..something won't let it go down far enough (trans mount? ) . I'm trying to move the booster out of the way, can't remove the...
  23. Z

    JDM Engineering Cams, Springs & Bolts for sale

    SOLD!****************************I have a BRAND NEW set of JDM Engineering Cams, Springs and ARP Cam bolts for sale. Bought it all, but have to sell the car so I haven't had them installed. NEW in box! I paid $2300.00 for everything, but I will sell it all for $1900 O.B.O. No low-ball offers...
  24. 1

    Brand New Boost Cams CHEAP!!

    I have a set of 2011-14 Ford Mustang Comp Cams Xfi Nsr Blower Stage 1 Camshafts BRAND NEW still in the box. I bought them and by the time they arrived the car was already back together. As you can see in the link below they are $1500. I'm selling the exact same thing in the ad below for $1,100...
  25. S

    **Looking to buy or trade for a Cobra in the Buffalo or NY area**

    What's up everyone, I am currently in the market for a Terminator. I live in the Buffalo, NY area and I don't see any for sale often around here or within a few hundred mile distance. So if anyone has one that they want to sell or trade (I have some nice diesel trucks and other equipment as...